Sunday, March 14, 2010


Wesley has suddenly hit a huge growth spurt!

I weighed him in this morning, because when I picked him up for his 11am feeding, I noticed that he is seeming a little 'fuller' than he was a few days ago....
So, to my very happy surprise... He's almost gained a full ounce! He's at 4.0 oz now!! :):) (that's up 0.9 oz since Thursday)

He's eating like a champ. He's bathrooming like a champ. He looks like he's getting stronger and thicker all around. And he all of sudden has these huge feet...! If he does grow up to be a full kitty, I think he's gonna be a BIG kitty.
I really, REALLY hope this keeps up, because he's doing great.

I put together a little clip for today. Plus a couple cute pictures I got of L.H., too. Hope you enjoy them. Have a nice Sunday :)

I had this awesome opportunity to get some really cute pictures of L.H. yawning when I was in there... but when I loaded them on the computer, they were completely out of focus! Grah, sorry. I must need glasses or something :P

Such a cutie pie :)


  1. L.H. is so cute, with his/her little loaf body. And lil Wesley's squirming is so adorable. Go kittens Go!

  2. Oh, those little ears! It's so good to hear that Wesley is gaining weight and "filling up"!

  3. K, that little video of Wesley made me bawl! What a sweet, sweet baby. You're such a good mommy to him.

  4. Yay! Keep on gaining, little Wesley. The internet is pulling for you!!! Such a sweet boy.

  5. So cute! We're so, so happy that Wesley is doing well. You are doing a great and wonderful job fostering. :)

  6. Yay for wee Wesley gaining some weight! So far so good! Keep up the good work kittykye and kitties! :)

  7. Wonderful news about Wesley (I've been catching up again through several posts). And L.H. is looking terrific! Glad Rosie is doing well with him/her. Sending continued well-wishes for everyone.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Wes is doing well. You're working magic, I think. :)
    Seeing him in the video... I just wanted to pick him up & cuddle him.

  9. You're doing such a wonderful job with this little family. The video gave me happy tears. I love happy tears. : )

  10. Yay and more yay!! That's awesome news!!
    And a completely precious video and pics. Like, Sue, I've got happy tears going! Big, big hugs to you and Doug for doing such a great job with Rosie and her babies, kittykye!!

  11. Go Wesley go!

    Thanks for taking such good care of them


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