Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of September

So, we're nearing the end of the month... which means, no more cat visits.. FOR A WHOLE MONTH! *cry*

I will have to find other interesting things to post about in the meantime.

One thing is that, I have good news! After a long conversation this evening.. I believe it has been decided that I will be fostering kittens in the very near future. We have an unfinished space in our basement that we are thinking of transforming into a 'cat-residence'. We just have a few other things that we need to take care of first, and then we'll be looking into making that space cat-friendly.

Of course, I am SO EXCITED!

Another thing I'd like to post... I'm currently reading a very lovely book by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins about Cat diets, health, and other medical information.

Ever since I dove into this book, I've been impressed.
When I first got it, I wasn't entirely sure what I was expecting. I wanted something 'hard' to read (aka, not Internet-related), and I knew I was looking for something a little more along the lines of cat biology/sickness/diet. So, when I picked up this book, I was immediately interested.
She seems to have all the facts in order (even though I do dispute some of the ideas she may have).
I have bought many books around this in the past year or so (this not counting the many sites I have/do frequent on the topic of cat-well-being), and I think it is very good (so far).

Anyway, I apologize there's no cutie pictures tonight. I will do what I can to provide some of the little fuzz that is fast asleep on my lap right now :) I have a couple of things up my sleeve that I'd like to post about in my 'off-months'. :)

**PS: The 'cat-residence' that I spoke of.... MAY INCLUDE MIRIAM! More to come!! :D:D:D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Beanbag

Yoko's favourite thing in the world is the heated Beanbag. As mentioned, this kitty loves her some warm-spots.
The Beanbag was actually originally a gift from a friend of mine to ME, but Yoks decided that she was going to take it over for herself. And honestly, because she's so cute with it, I don't mind one bit :) (I still snag it from her once in a while when I'm chilly or have an ache though -- don't tell her ;)).

All it needs is to be thrown in the microwave for about a minute and a half to about two minutes and it's ready to go. On those chilly nights, I stick it between us under the blankets while we sleep and neither of us move all night long.

Today is a gorgeous fall day, but still a little nippy outside. We always leave the large bedroom window open for her to watch everything going on outside (on a chair we have set up for her), and today she liked having her bean bag there with her while she watched the kids playing outside. :)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kitty Day!

The kitties were great today, many still the same from last week - which was kind of disappointing. The greatest thing was that Gambit (the black and white kitten) wasn't adopted like he was supposed to be... so I got another day with him! But, someone else came in today and claimed him (though, it wasn't 100%).

Many of the cats don't need an introduction, so I'm just going to load you up with pics all together. ;)

Miriam was still there, and an angel as always.

Booboo was also still there, and he was such a sucky today. Sitting on my lap and purring on me :)

Meeka was also still there. My lick-o-holic.

Another one still there, Kyra. She warmed up to me a lot today, too.

A newbie, and a real grouch. Tigger wouldn't come out of his cage, and when I went to clean inside of there, he growled and hissed at me. I just left him be... He wouldn't even look up to me so I could take his picture. But, he was really cute, with his lion-cut hair do :)

Honey was still there, too. Today she these weird red sores above her eyes that alarmed me. I took a close look at her, and I think she may've had ringworm. On my way home, I brought her with me back to the main SPCA office so the vet could check her out. Poor little girl. She has the squeekiest meow ever.

Mow, too, still there. She was really something today. She was in so much need for attention, so when I went in to greet her, she spent about 15 minutes sucking on my hands and kneeding like mad (just like a baby kitten)! It was so adorable, but I felt so sad for her... she really needs a home soon :(

My boy!! My lovey-dovey-sweety-snookums, Gambit. Have I mentioned my love affair with this cat? JUST LOOK AT THE PINK PAW-PADS PEOPLE! gah! *dies*

More, more, more!!

He's been totally dolled up in his pink feather-boa, and has had a gorgeous french manicure.

(I wanna steal him.... like.... lots)


Sigh, what a little charmer. <3

Sleeping Positions

Yoko is known to sleep anywhere that contains a warm spot. Two of her most favourite of these spots is in a lap, or on a laptop.
She's in her happy place if someone is kind enough to let her sprawl out on their lap for a good couple of hours though.

I snapped a couple shots of her from the other night that I thought were super cute. The first one is a pretty typical position to find us in. Me, in jammies, and her totally taking ownership of my entire lap. I usually fold her in blankets or my pjs for a little extra comfort.

She loves to be picked up and held with her feet in the air like a baby. I'll walk around the house like this with her all the time.

Eventually she'll get up and move herself to the laptop, as I've posted pictures of in the past. The other night I thought it was really cute that she fell asleep with her head pressed right up to the monitor.


Tee hee.

Today, I'm off to the shelter for my weekly visit. I wonder if Miriam is still there. Hopefully there'll be a new batch of kittens there to play with! Pictures to come soon :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Up high...

♪♫ In banana tree, Yellow bird, You sit all alone like me. ♪♫



♪♫ Wish dat I were a yellow bird,
I fly away wit' you,
But I am not a yellow bird,
So here I sit,
Nothin' else to do. ♪♫

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New kitties!

Well, not all of them have been adopted... but A LOT of them have! I was selfishly sorry to see some of them not there today cause I was looking forward to seeing them, but of course I'm so happy that they have homes now!!

Poor, sweet Miriam was still there, which broke my heart. I really want her to find a home. She's such a special little thing... and she's so patient with the fact she has to be there. I would seriously adopt her myself if I could.

There was a new batch of kittens.. all of Tippy's littluns had been adopted (minus one, because she was snatched back up by a foster home because she wasn't gaining any weight).. and one of them (the one I fell in love with) got adopted while I was there! Yay!

I was surprised at how many adoptions took place today. It seems like the cats are really moving - which is totally awesome. I got a billion pictures today, and I had trouble narrowing it down.. so there's going to be lots. Enjoy! :)

Booboo (I usually call him Boo or Boobie though ;))
Unfortunately, he was of the few that weren't adopted when I was there last.  He's a gorgeous cat though, super friendly, and quite the set of lungs! He loves to talk the entire day away. He keeps me entertained.

Booboo's bunk mate. She was a newbie there, and was pretty shy. Eventually she came around to me though and was a really big sweetie.

Gambit (what a great name)
Gambit was the one (of five) kittens that was adopted today. Every time I picked him up, he would nuzzle his head under my chin and purr sooo loudly. He looooves to suck and chew on hands and fingers (ever so gently). I have other pictures I took with my cell phone of him and I (my camera ran out of space) snuggled together and him sucking on my hand. I'll try to remember to upload them off my phone. SO CUTE!!

Yanil was in the shelter the last time I was there too. But today he was adopted!! Hurray! If you remember my buddy Strat, Yanil was with him at the same time. I'm not sure where Strat was today... so I assume he also had been adopted (which I'm sure he has, cause he was the greatest ever).

Uhhh... Yori.... (I think?)
Okay, I don't remember this kitten's name for the life of me. I didn't actually learn it til the end cause he didn't have a collar like the rest (as you can see, the little monster tore it off :P). It was something like Yori though. He was the only full black kitty of the bunch of kittens. The terror, too, if you ask me :D He was always jumping and climbing on something (or someone!).

Meeka was the replacement for Yanil when he was picked up (someone from the shelter brought her over to swap them, so that Yanil could be picked up from there). She was really shy at first, but once I put all the other kitties in their cages and spent some one-on-one with her, she was a SERIOUS lovebug! She wasn't too fond of the kittens, but she was a real people-cat. And a serious lick-aholic. I couldn't go near her without getting a full head-to-toe bath! :D

Aw, it's too bad the first one isn't a good picture. This kitten is beautiful! Her markings are sooo pretty. She's also a little doll, like Gambit. She had a few people in there who considered adopting her, including one couple that I'm pretty certain will be back. One way or another, I know she's going to get picked up really soon. She's cuddly and purrs at you, even if you're just standing next to her.. she loves attention. If I was busy, she'd be even demanding attention from the other cats! :D

 Oh, my sweet Miriam. How I love thee. PLLLLEASE get a home soon, you deserve so much more!
She's in the cages here, snoozing with the kittens. She's actually not on the the top of the cat tree, where she always sits. I figured I'd get a different angle of her instead.
Poor little shaved belly. She was one of the kittens who already had her microchipping and spaying done. She is all drugged up here... about 15 minutes after she had her pain meds. Before this picture was taken though, she didn't seem to be in too much pain (but, doctor's orders).. she was running and jumping and playing with no problems at all! She'll be quick to recover though, cause she was an active little sweetheart. I spent a lot of time cuddling with her too. :)

The last of the five kittens. Berri also had his surgery. He's sitting on my lap here, purring away. He sat there for a really long time, just watching everyone else play around him. He liked playing with the camera string and my key necklace around my neck. I wish I had a better picture of him close up, he was so cute. Mostly black, like Yori, but had features like Gambit with a couple white toes, white whiskers, and white eyebrows.
And that's it! 
I have a few more of just random kitties playing that I'll share, too!

Chanel and Berri duking it out on the cat tree.

Yori, Gambit, and Chanel looking at me from the cat tree.

Berri and ... oh! I forgot someone. 
That's Honey on the right.
She's a fluffy and black, and like most of them, a real sweetheart. I spent a lot of time with her today too. Another really loving cat... I know she'll also get a home soon. I thought the (new) owners of Gambit were going to take her too. I'm hoping that they think about it and come back for her.
Okay, off to spend time with my own little darling. She's all curled up on my lap here, fast asleep. :)