Sunday, August 26, 2012


You going to eat ALL of that?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food Thief

This cat will eat ANY-THING. Milk, cereal, fruit of any kind, veggies, juice, rice, meat of any kind, and well, you get the picture. Don't turn your back on this one... especially if you've just made yourself a nice lunch.
Here she helps herself to a little snack on a rice crispy square.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

No babies for Trin!

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted. The summer is flying by so quickly! We've been doing all kinds of stuff, so it's tough to get posting in. As I've mentioned in the past, if I was able to post from my mobile, I would be doing it way more often!

So, the most important news around here is that Trinity went and got spayed 3 days ago - Yay! She did awesome. Her new veterinarian is amazing. Such a sweet, loving doctor. She took really good care of Trin while she was there. I dropped her off at 8:30am and was able to pick her up at 2:30pm. She was a little groggy when I brought her home, but she was purring right from the moment she saw me (I feel so loved!). She's already back to her regular shenanigans around here -- chasing houseflies, nibbling on toes, and begging for snackin's. :)

Here's some of the pictures from my phone to catch things up!

 Tubular kitten

She's such a lap cat. Finding the funniest ways to curl up.

 Bird watching from the cat tree.

Aww, she brought me a present!

"Please! Don't let the cat out, no matter what it tells you!"
Yes. This cat is SO determined to get out of the house, away from this sunny, snuggly spot. /insert sarcasm here.
Actually, Trin has never once bolted for the door. She's quite happy to be inside, thank you very much.

"My" morning bowl of cereal. It first gets shared with Drew, then Trin gets the last couple licks of leftover milk. Not TOO spoiled. 

Smiling kitten :)

 Hanging out on the edge of the couch. (Note: I spend a lot of time lying on the floor playing :P)

 Wanna see my belly?

Shaved tummy! Healing up very nicely.

Mommy will give you lots of snuggles to make you feel allll better again!

Unfortunately, the doctor also found out that Trin has a small ear infection (as I suspected, as I saw some goopies in her ears when we adopted her). But, she's getting meds everyday, so she should be fine.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family in the 45 degree weather (yikes). Hope everyone has a good one, too! :)