Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In addition...

I saw this post on Lisa's blog and couldn't not post it. If you're in Georgia, please consider helpin' a blackie.

Link here.

Back in the foster room

Put everyone back in their room today, after a week of living in the bathroom ensuite/master closet area (it's a chore moving all their stuff, including them, when it's not really a big deal to keep them in there a little longer - they don't mind it, it's just smaller).

They do like it better in their own foster room though, since they can tear around at 100mph on the carpeted floor (in the bathroom they tend to slide around more from the hard flooring).

The only thing that isn't as nice is the way the ping pong ball rolls across the floor on the carpet - doesn't get the same glide effect, but they still love it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... want to know what the best kitten toy in the universe is? Ping pong balls.
Funniest thing ever is 4 kittens, one cleared out bathroom floor, and 2 balls on the go... hi-larious. I really need to get a video of it.

Here's some pictures of the gang once I moved them back. :)
Can you tell which ones are Draco, which ones are Herc? It's tough! :D

Took a weigh in of everyone (minus Orian) once I got them settled, too.
The biggest right now is Draco, at a whopping 2 lbs 5 oz.
Next up is Hercules and Pyxis, both weighing in at 2 lbs 3 oz
Last, my little runt Tauri, always the tiniest, at 2 lbs 0 oz

Not too shabby! They're definitely growing fast!

With that being said, I talked to Ann a couple of days ago.
She calls me every 1-2 weeks with a followup report on how the boys are doing. It's super nice that she keeps me in the loop on how they're progressing. I love hearing about them.
Still no pictures yet, she apologizes, she's pretty busy with work/business. Said she will send me some soon.
I'd love to see them now.. they must look so different.
She said that L (now Elliot), is over 4 lbs now. Which is great news. He mingles with the rest of her kitties, uses the litterbox on his own fully, and is a great eater. Still no walking out of him, but he's definitely managing and learning his disability.
Kind of sad, scary news is that our little Wesley is still just dancing around the 2 lb mark. When I think about that, my 5 week old kittens are bigger than him now! And he's what? Almost 4 months old? I told her that I was worried about him, but she says that he is still progressing... it's just brutally slow (he was 1 lb 3 oz when he left here). She still struggles with his feeding/bathroom times, but is still very dedicated to keeping him going.
I know we're both realistic on the fact that.... well, he's obviously got something wrong with him, and that he probably won't ever be close to a normal cat.... but I know the thought that he still may be able to pull through and lead a somewhat normal life is really what she hopes. Props to her for being so positive.
I'll continue to update with all of you whenever I hear from her. And I'll definitely post any pictures as soon as I get them! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of my own vids

These are from the other day. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

This is just too sweet ♥

(Just in case you didn't catch it on CuteOverload...)
And here's the link, since blogger doesn't like me trying to change to size on here:

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wet kitten ears! Getting treatments for the buggies. Poor little squirts. They're such troopers. And also the most well behaved kitties ever -- especially the very incredibly patient Orian.


(don't worry, not goo in the eye, she had a hair... I fixed it after the pics :P)
Left to Right: Pyxis, Hercules, Tauri, & Draco

One more day til Friday, and once I'm done that... I'm on holidays!! Which means I'll have more time to post pictures! Yayyyyyyyy! :D

PS: Don't you find their little faces are growing so fast?? They're already not roley-poley anymore!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Earmites! Nooooooo!

And you all thought I got off easy with this batch ;)

Okay, they're still little angels. But, c'mon, earmites?!! Grah! This is going to be a pain in the you-know-what.

I realized it the other day -- just before the weekend, when I was planning to have a whole house full of people staying the entire time. It crossed my mind when I saw Orian's ears, a week or so back, when I thought she had a dark residue in there. I think I pushed the thought out for fear that I was right. Well, I was sitting on the bed with the whole crew of five on my lap, and noticed one of the orange boys had the same darkness in his ears. I hoped it was just the colouring, but I got a closeup inspection to see that it was indeed the black-goo of mites. Checked everyone else's ears, and behold, they were all infected with it. *pout*

I've had a couple outbreaks of mites in my days. Once with Yoko, that was the most hellish experience I've ever gone through. :P
I decided that the procedure of going through 10 ears with a q-tip could wait until the weekend was over. 1) I didn't have time, and 2) TEN ears...... ten. Need I say more? *pouts again*

So, I stuck them all in my ensuite/joined-walk-in-closet for the weekend, and they'll all be going back to the foster room tonight. I'll start the process of ear-squeeging as I move each of them back individually. Going to be using mineral oil for the kittens (and Orian for the time being) - since they're too young for any other meds. I'll pick up something stronger for Orian from Jill whenever I see her next.

I really really really reaaaaallly hope that Yoko doesn't pick it up from them somehow. I've been making sure people wash after being with the kittens...but....there's still a small chance. I'll have to bleach my bathroom/closet after everyone is moved out.

No pictures right now because I'm on my lunch break at work, but I'll try to post some when I get home tonight, after I move everyone back into their room. Just wanted to touch base... got some rounds I have to do on the blogosphere when I get home tonight too. I'm starting to get behind!

Back in a bit :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a scare!

I had a horrible scare this morning. I went in the room to see the kittens, but something was terribly wrong. Usually, when I open the door, everyone bolts over to me as soon as they see me. Today, I opened the door, and everyone jumped up to see me... except Pyxis.

I looked all around, and realized she was at the back of the bed, and from afar, it looked as though she had her claw stuck on the blanket, and couldn't free it.
But, on closer inspection... there was a big rip in the blanket, and somehow she had wound the blanket and strings around and around and around her arm...and her neck. The blanket was wound so tightly all the way up, completely covering her arm all the way to her shoulder... with the big string around her neck. I panicked when I saw her, because she wasn't moving. I got right up close and looked at her and noticed that she was awake and breathing.

I couldn't pull the strings apart without causing pressure on her throat and arm, so I left the room and raced into the workshop to find something to cut it with. Luckily, I found something right away, raced back into the room and carefully cut it all off of her. I couldn't believe how wound around it was.

After she was released, her little body was still completely limp, so I picked her up, wrapped her in another blanket, and gently rubbed her until she came to. After a few minutes, she started looking around and I let her out of the blanket. I was extremely relieved to see that her arm wasn't hurt (not only was I worried that she was strangled, but that she may have broken/sprained her arm from the struggle)... and she quickly got back on her feet and walked around with no problem. After something to eat, she was back playing with the rest of the kittens.


I figure what happened was that she was playing with one of the pulled strings where the blanket was torn, got stuck in it, and then twisted her body around and around until she got so wrapped up in it that she couldn't get free. Poor little thing. It must have really scared her.

Anyway, things are good now. But it certainly was a frightening morning!

Here's the rest of the pictures from yesterday:

Tauri being cute.

What a sweetheart :)

She stayed like this for so long, it was irresistible.

Draco and Herc
Herc is squinting like that cause Pyx had just smacked him in the eye :P

Hahaha.. love this face.

Slurpy slurp!

Pyx on the awful blanket that attacked her!!

Don't you just LOVE that little face?

Such a doll :)

Pyx and Draco

More Pyx and Draco
Hee, I think Drake is so goofy looking

 More snuggly Tauri

I just couldn't get enough of her!! Especially when she fell asleep :D

That's it. Gonna go check on them again right now!

Note: For any that have been following my blog since the beginning.. Remember the incident with Holmes and the tin can??? The incident this morning with Pyx was a total replay of that! Here's the link for those who didn't read about it.
These kittens are always scaring me!! But it makes me realize how durable they can be at times.