Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canned Food

Okay, let me take yesterday back. I certainly didn't give Holmes enough credit for being the terror of the bunch.

So, this morning I get up and putter around slowly in the morning, thinking I'll just leave myself about a half an hour to feed and spend time with the kittens before I go to work (instead of going down there first). Well, did I ever get a surprise/shock/scare when I went down there finally to check on them.

To start, I don't think I mentioned that the kittens have moved back into the foster room/guest room since our guests left. They were back in there as of last night.

Anyway, I've been spoiling them with canned food lately - which they go completely crazy over. So, we have a garbage can in there for guests for when they stay over, and I didn't think anything of it being in there with the kittens (oh, so naive of me), and I've been throwing out the empty catfood cans in there. Of course, they get in there and attempt to pull the bag out and drag it around the room. Therefore, to fix this situation, my "smart" idea is, not to REMOVE the garbage bin altogether, but to just take it and set it on top of the tall dresser so that the kittens can't get into it.

Well... that was wrong.

Kittens have this kangaroo feature about them that I forgot about, which allows them to jump onto any height it seems...

Well, this morning, I go in there and I see three kittens charge at me. 'Hm' ... 'Where's Holmes?'
I quickly look around and call him.. and what do I see, - not a kitten -, but a can of empty catfood attached to a cat's body wander out slowly from under the bed.


I shouldn't be allowed to foster anymore. I felt so horrible for that little kitten with his head stuck in the can (albeit, I did kinda giggle cause he looked kinda silly).
I slowly lifted the top and took it off of his head and he, and his dried up wet catfood head, just stared up and blinked at me without a complaint. When he realized what was going on he immediately went into 'poor me' mode and curled up close to me for comfort and started shaking. So I took him upstairs away from the other kittens and got a warm damp cloth to wipe his head while I cuddled him very closely. He just purred and purred and purred.

He was totally fine after he had some mommying and cleaning up (and I was late leaving for work, let me tell you.. but that's okay).. and when I put him back into the foster room, after his long pee break, he was back bouncing around with the other kittens.

Let's just say... I took the cans completely out of that room altogether. I checked him out today when I got home and you'd never know about the incident at all. He's very happy and I'm sure he doesn't even remember it happened (but boy... I sure felt bad for the little guy... and I know I was completely at fault for thinking a kitten couldn't get in there).

I know I'll be checking them first thing when I get up in the morning from now on, too. Just in case there's a kitten in desperate need of me.

Well, I'll post this now. I'll try to get some pictures up before I head to bed. :)

--edit, ok, no new pics tonight. I promise there will be tomorrow! For now, some blurry pics (sorry!)...


Blurry Whisper (bah, I really need a new camera)

Toe licker (Ew!)

Running around the house


  1. Oh my stars ~ isn't it amazing what curious little kitties can get in to? Too cute! No feeling bad - no harm done! I once had a kitten who ate a whole tube of lip gloss! His little kitty lips looked very moist and shiny all day...his back end...not so much! ;)

  2. Aw, don't feel bad Lynds! Can't blame yourself for cats being naughty and curious, that is how they learn what not to do. Although, he probably remembers more about the extra food and cuddling than the drama. :-)

    And Catherine's story! Hahahaa.


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