Friday, October 30, 2009

I. Want. To. Suck. Your. Blood!


(just look at those baby teefs, aww!)

One more day left until Halloween! I think I'm pretty much ready to go. I just need to do my baking, and I have the day off today to do just that!

Some unfortunate news is that the kittens go to the vet/SPCA today to get weighed and checked out. I'm hoping that they all come back with me today - I know I have a couple guests coming over that really want to meet them!

If they aren't around for the weekend, it'll be a chance to clean up all the kitten stuff and have a bit of a break before they come back / or we get a new set of kittens. I'm still going to need to clean out the kitten room for people to sleep (going to need to wash all the linen, etc) regardless though. If they come back, they'll be bunking with us in the master ensuite again for the weekend :)

I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on what's going on with them... and maybe I'll even put up some pictures of the Halloween festivities! :)

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