Sunday, November 1, 2009


Does it have to be over already? :(


  1. Ahhh ~ cheer up ~ for with the ending of Halloween comes the Christmas decorations! Tis a good thing! Falalalala lalala laaaaa! :)

  2. We love Halloween, too! *sigh* Only 50 kids this year (we usually have ~150). It was raining lightly here in Baltimore, so I guess that did it.

    The kitteh's were all wonderful about our many visitors, but none would dress up for them! ;-)

    Hoping all went well with the visit to the vet.

  3. Awww ... it'll be back before you know it, kitties!

    Did they handle the trick-or-treaters well? Jada was too curious to take refuge anywhere.

  4. Yoko made one attempt to run at the door, but as soon as she felt that cool fall breeze, she thought twice about it ;)

    And Catherine, I agree... Christmas lights will be up this week!


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