Saturday, November 14, 2009

Has it been almost a week??

I haven't vanished, I swear! This week was bustling with things to do. It's a pain in the rear that I have no ability to post things from work on lunch breaks or anything either (only blogger commenting gets blocked for some reason).

So now it's Saturday and I'm in my jammies with a kitty on my lap and a coffee in hand, therefore it's time for a post!

I have been trying to keep up with still taking pictures and videos of the little squirts. They are getting SO cute (well, not that they weren't cute before ;)). And I have a lot of them to make up for my absence :)

Shoulder Cat

I likes shoulders :)

I wubs my foster mommy.

Climbing on her is fun!

Well, aren't I just the cutest little girl you've ever seen?

I'm too quick to take pictures of.

And I sure love to climb legs!

Snugglies ♥

Crazy Candy

I lurve this toy. kthxbye.

Oh, and this box. Boxes are also fun!

*swat swat*

Dis iz my box. You can't have.

There's a toy over there, too! Also mine.


I'm gonna get you, Candy!

Typical 'I want to be picked up' routine.

PS: Still to come -- Petsmart Visit update. 
Quick note, the foursome still haven't been adopted. 
They have been taken back to the SPCA from URI :( *sad*


  1. They look fatter to me. Fatter and more adorable!! The mew gets me every time.

    How could no one have adopted any of them?? And whats URI?

  2. They are getting fatter - har har.. that's me chubbing them up! They eat like monsters!

    I know.. I guess no one was adopting them cause they're sick (Upper Respiratory Infection) :(

  3. I am sending warm thoughts and love to those kitties in hoping they get better so they can find their new family! sad indeed... :(

  4. Oh! Such sweet action shots. And the snuggly photo melts me.

    Hope the kitties with URI get well soon!

  5. Hugs, headbutts and healing purrs coming out to the foursome!! Poor babies.

    And the fluffballs... gaaahhhh! I am slain by the cuteness!! I love the pick me up mews!

  6. Oh, and don't worry about the posting... we do what we can! Taking care of the critters is more important than blogging, after all!

    While I feel guilty when I haven't posted for a while, everyone always assures me it's ok. I know I just assume someone was busy when they haven't posted for a while... :-)


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