Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toy Talkin'

Thanks to everyone for all the nice thoughts from yesterday. All the well wishes must have helped, because I'm finally feeling a little better this morning :) I think I'll probably head over to Petsmart after all.

Last night, I sat downstairs with my laptop and decided that since I spent all day in bed with Yoko, I'd let the kittens out of their room for a while. As usual, it was fairly dark down there, but I did capture a pretty funny video of Chia talking to a hair elastic.

I've found her doing this to the toys in her room before - and it's super cute the way she talks to them while she's playing with them. I wonder what the heck she could possibly be saying?

"Hey! Come back here, mister elastic! I'm gonna get you!"


  1. Glad you are feeling better! That stork flu is a bitch right? haha

    I loved your "cats of PetSmart" post. So sad that they are there but they all look like they are beautiful that I know they will get snatched up.

  2. Squee! Adorable!! And that program in the background is a hilarious soundtrack to Chia's play.

    Jada chitters at her Spider when we dangle it over her head just out of reach and she has to jump for it (kind of an "ik ik ik" noise. It's a sound she only makes when she's playing -- I think it's anticipation she can't hold in, like her tail twitching when she's stalking something.

  3. Oh so sweet! Just a talkin' away. So cute! Let's cross our fingers that some of those special kitties at Petsmart got adopted while you were away. I hope hope hope!!!

    Glad you are feeling a bit better. Take it easy!

  4. Yes, indeed! That was precious! It's been pretty common for kittens to get mouthy when they play... I think they're trying to intimidate!

    Glad you're feeling better! Fingers crossed for quick adoptions!


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