Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Visit Until the New Year

The cat cages at Petsmart were quite sparse today. It's nearing the end of the SPCA rotation month, so not too many are being brought in right now. But, nonetheless, I still had a nice day with everyone that was there. :)

No kittens were there at all, only the adults (so they get prime picking the last few days). I enquired to where my Whisper was, and someone told me that she thinks she was brought BACK to the SPCA main office because she was sick AGAIN. My poor little baby.... I hope she's doing okay. I was going to drop in there after my shift tonight, but something came up so I wasn't able to :( Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to see if she's still there.

The good news though, was that I saw in our log book that Holmes was there for a short time - and he IMMEDIATELY got adopted! I was pretty darn happy to see that. He's such a wonderful boy :)

Anyway, enough of my chattering and onto the pictures!

Sasha was still there from last week (she's the mother of Nikkio that was adopted). Has she ever come a long way in a week. She was MUCH more friendly now that she had relaxed a little, and boy did she talk!

Oh my, I have a terrible memory.
Okay, so, I apologize, my mind has gone blank for this one's name (even though I spent lots of time with her). She's the only declawed kitty of the bunch (and that I've ever seen in rotation, for that matter), but that sure doesn't stop her from jumping and playing! She was very friendly, and oh boy she loved to play!

Rocky is the cat in the bunch that has to be separated because he spits and growls at all the others. At first I just stayed away from him (because every time I went near the cage he eyed me and gave me a warning growl). After I did all my cleaning, I opened up his cage and just talked to him from a distance. He stopped growling and eventually let me stick my hand in to pet him. Then, as soon as he realized I was of no threat and that he really was starving for affection, he let me fully stroke his head and ears softly. He closed his eyes and started to purr.
It's kitties like this one that makes me realize why I'm really there. These poor animals have no home and they are so scared - and all they really need is some love.
I know once he gets a home of his own, away from all this ruckus, he's going to be a very wonderful pet.

Last week I called this cat "Halloween", because that's what was written on her collar. Her card said Halliwell, but I always go with what they have around their neck. Today I saw that someone fixed it, and her name is actually Halliwell.
Unfortunately, this kitty is a nasty one. No matter what you do, she's unfriendly. But, again, it's probably just because of her current surroundings that she's like that. I eventually had to put her in her own cage away from the rest of the kitties (where I suffered from a severe arm thrashing), and left her be. She eventually curled up and went to sleep.
I hope that the owners that take her home give her a little time to come around.


And last, another darling kitty that was sweet as a button and absolutely beautiful. I have no doubts that Pauly will get adopted by the end of the month (or the end of the week). She is playful, talkative, cuddly, licky, and just a plain joy to have around! :)

I'm off to feed the Sisters now. I'll try to get some shots of them while I'm down there! :)

And a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all those in the U.S.A.! I hope everyone has/had a wonderful day! :):)


  1. Another fantastic report on
    all LFG's SPCA Cats... they are really nice cats...again a "BIG" "OW HA".. for Lynds

  2. Lynds, you should give the URL to your blog to the SPCA & Petsmart so they can post it to the public.
    I'm sure your wonderful reports & photos could help get them adopted.

  3. From afar, that sure sounds like a good idea!

    My heart just melted for your ferocious duo... they are scared. I hope folks give them a chance. I know the difference in Aggie and Grey has just been tremendous as they've had time to settle in!!


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