Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little bit about The Sisters

After a couple of days with The Sisters, I'm beginning to get to know their personalities a little bit.

The first thing that I noticed about the two of them is that Chia is the sweet cuddly one and Candy is the skittery crazy one. Chia follows me around wherever I go and wants me to play and snuggle with her at all times. Candy is still a little bit afraid of me, and is very jumpy at any sudden movements or sounds. It's funny that the two of them are completely sisters, as they look very similar, but have completely opposite personalities.

Chia is the pudgy round one. Her name suits her, too, I think, because her fur is very fuzzy and sticks out like a Chia pet (I'm not sure if that's why they gave her that name though).
Candy also suits her name, but not because of the 'sweet treat'... She reminds me more of that snobby popular girl in school named Candy, that's a little ditzy, but thinks she's better than you. ;)
Candy is also considerably bigger than Chia. She's fairly tall, has better control over her motor skills (she moves a little bit like a ninja, I find), and has a much longer body. I would definitely say that she is the 'older' sister of the two.

I could seriously sit down there with them for ages just watching them. Because they're both still so young, they're really funny. They're much different than the last foursome. Maybe it's because they're girls and they only have each other (and full roaming capabilities of the foster room - which they LOVE to tear around)... but they are very different from them. They both have fully explored the room, where I found it took the other four a long time to do. They also don't sleep in the beds that I have out for them - They insist on sleeping cuddled together under the bed (I'm thinking that this will probably change once they're fully comfortable with their surroundings, and are a little bit bigger). The best thing that I'm finding about these two in comparison to the other four is that They. Smell. Much. Better! Maybe because they're female? Maybe because they're still small? Maybe because there's only two? I don't care the reason, it's just refreshing that it doesn't stink as much as it did (not that it really bothers me that much, of course ;)).

I couldn't help missing the other four while I was down there though. I wonder how they're doing at the shelter and if any of them have been adopted yet. I'm finding that every time I've gone into the foster room since The Sisters came, I've been expecting to see all four kitties run towards me. I miss the warm cuddles of my Holmes, the sweet little chirping meows from Whisper, the finger and toe chewing from Keanu, and the funny 6-toed little squirt, Stephanie. I hope they're doing well. ♥

So, here's some videos from this morning of The Sisters in action. I think you'll all be able to tell them apart from the descriptions that I gave of them. :)


"Mom, did I hear that you brought MORE kittens into the house?"


"I should be the only one getting attention, mmk?"


  1. Yoko, honey, my gang has been saying that for months too. Adjust sweetie, it isn't going to change! ;-)

    kittykye, it is indeed easy to tell them apart now... even if you don't see their faces (grey on opposite sides).

  2. First of all that pic of Yoko is awesome. so disapproving! haha

    I will probably say this about every group of kittens you foster, but I am in love with them!!!!!

  3. Hmmm...I am thinking Yoko looks just a bit perturbed! I am sure she will soon relize she is always the one that gets to stay! :)

    How cute are those little fluff balls Candy & Chia! Love them!

  4. Those little fluff balls are adorable! They're going to be gorgeous kitties when they grow up.

    Yoko's look of disapproval is quite familiar, but I'm sure that she's getting her fair share of love (even if she doesn't think so)


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