Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Mornin' with The Sisters

Ah, a relaxing weekend to sit at home in our pjs and play with kittens!

We let the girls out of the foster room to let them roam all around downstairs (setting up a gate - aka, a large box - at the bottom of the stairs, so that Yoko is separated from them), and just left blankets and pillows and boxes and toys all over the place for them to play with. And are they ever having a great time down there!! I keep hearing boxes being toppled over and jingling toys being tossed around.

I also have a big foam mattress I use to put on the pull-out couch when guests come over (the actual mattress on it is pretty hard), and I put that out and leaned it against the couch so that they would have a soft climbing wall. Oh my gosh, they just love love love it!

"There's so much to do and look at! Where do I start?"

"Oh my, what's this big foam thing?"


"I likes this fing lots"

"No, mine!"


"Boxes, boxes! So many boxes! I love boxes!"

"Hey up there, whatchyou doin'? Come play wif us!"

"I's gonna get you!"

Hehe. Look at all the cat prints in the foam :D



  1. Awww - looks like those kitties had so much fun with all that extra room to play in for the day! Fun stuff!

  2. OMG!!! The foam thingy is awesome! I loved the girls rip tearing around! I'll need to remember that the next time we have kittens!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I forgot to mention last post that I soooo understand how hard it is to get in blog time. I've just had to decide that the kittehs come first if I've got choose.

    PS- I took an impromptu mini sabbatical over Thanksgiving 'cause I was just so fried from work. Nothing but rest relaxation and kittehs for three whole days!! I was in heaven!


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