Thursday, November 5, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Aw, I make kittens sound like a pair of rubber boots with that title. Heehee. But, it does sorta fit. ;)

So the foursome have now gone to Petsmart as of today. Holy smokes, it was actually a lot harder to say goodbye than I expected. I suppose that even in the short amount of time that I got to know them, they all found a close place in my heart. I really hope that they get adopted soon, and that they find themselves some good homes - because they're really sweet little babies.

There were a couple lookers for them today, and one really sweet woman that I'm certain will be back tomorrow to adopt one of the two boys. That makes me hopeful and happy :)

I took some goodbye pictures and videos of them at Petsmart to post up for you all to see. And you'll notice, that they've all very much made themselves right at home. I think they're actually going to be okay there for the next little while.














They sure loved that cat tree.

I was a little preoccupied with my littluns, plus there weren't many other kitties there today, so I only took a few of a couple others that were there.

She has a gorgeous coat, and looks as though she was taken care of quite well. She was super friendly and loved to talk to me. I anticipate that she'll get adopted pretty quickly.

Biggest. Cat. Ever.
I would say this big fella weighed somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs.
He looked like he was a bit neglected, but he sure drew in the people today. I think because of his size, everyone wanted to come see him. And there was one couple that was actually very interested in him. I bet he'll probably get adopted fairly quickly too. He was gentle and sweet.

So, on to the newbies.

I got two little girls today. Chia and Candy.

They're both from the same litter and about 3 weeks old. They are VERY cute. I'd say sorta Calico-Persian mix.
And of course, it's dark down there right now, so it's hard to get some good pictures of them. But here's some dark ones for now :)





  1. :thunk:
    The whispering and cavorting videos softened me up and the sisters video delivered the knockout punch!

    OMG! Listen to the motor on that bitty darling! I'm sure these girls will help take your mind off of the babes you've just let go (healing mantra: it's a good thing... it's a good thing... it's a good thing... furever homes... furever homes... furever homes).

  2. Lots of traffic chez vous! In and out indeed -- all those feelings for us as foster parents can be hard to juggle.

    Best of luck to the kitties at Petsmart.

  3. Oh wow ~ it looks like the kitties were having some super fun on that tree! I am sending warm thoughts for all the kitties to find loving homes soon!

    PS ~ hope you get your cards soon. They were to take 7 - 9 days. I am hoping you have them today or early next week.

    Have a great weekend ~ Good luck with your new babies!

  4. Oh yeah, those kittens have some MAJOR motors on them. Especially little Chia. She's just a little round ball of purring fluff. So so so cute :)

    PS: Catherine -- Still nothin' yet. But I'll make sure to let you know as soon as I get them! :D

  5. Aww. Whisper was such a sweetheart. They all were! But they look quite happy in their temporary home. :-)

    The new kittens look so great! I totally melted when I saw them. Just two must be a bit of a relief. One for each hand!


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