Friday, October 30, 2009

I. Want. To. Suck. Your. Blood!


(just look at those baby teefs, aww!)

One more day left until Halloween! I think I'm pretty much ready to go. I just need to do my baking, and I have the day off today to do just that!

Some unfortunate news is that the kittens go to the vet/SPCA today to get weighed and checked out. I'm hoping that they all come back with me today - I know I have a couple guests coming over that really want to meet them!

If they aren't around for the weekend, it'll be a chance to clean up all the kitten stuff and have a bit of a break before they come back / or we get a new set of kittens. I'm still going to need to clean out the kitten room for people to sleep (going to need to wash all the linen, etc) regardless though. If they come back, they'll be bunking with us in the master ensuite again for the weekend :)

I'll make sure to keep everyone updated on what's going on with them... and maybe I'll even put up some pictures of the Halloween festivities! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Those Crazy Kittens

Another busy night, but I was able to grab a video of the little monsters :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long Day

No time for new kitten snapshots today I'm afraid. We've been very busy preparing for Halloween weekend, along with several other household projects. So I'm just sitting down to the computer now for the first time (and only for a minute) to check my email and then I'm off to bed.

A quick update on the kittens though --

They all seem to be doing a ton better today. Everyone seems to be in a lot 'bouncier' spirits, which is TERRIFIC! I'm so relieved that they're all going to pull through this darn cold.

Even my sweet little Holmes is looking (and most importantly, sounding) better. I was really starting to worry about that one, because he had pretty much stopped eating, had -zero- energy, could barely breathe (which terrified me that he may choke on his nose-goo during the night), and had the itchiest, wateriest eyes. His eyes are still a little runny, but he's eating perfectly again, and getting up to see me when I come in the room.
He has become the cuddliest one of the bunch (but a very close second is Whisper)... He's real mommy's boy. He absolutely hates it when I get up, and he always insists that he sit on me. I've really grown attached to him.

Well, I'm off to bed for now. Tomorrow is another day - I will try to get some pictures in then!

Snuggly Holmes

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wonky Toesies


Fuzzy and superb.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Rise and shine everyone, it's a bright beautiful Sunday morning!


"Aw Mom...can we please go back to bed?"

"I'm ready to get up! I wanna play and chew things and climb your shoulder and get into mischief and, and, and... I just wanna do stuff!" 

"I think I'll just hang out up here for the day... I's sleepy"

"Hey that looks like fun, I'm coming too!"

"No. Dis is MY shoulder."

"Well, I dunno about you guys. I'm just gonna be my bratty self. HEY! What's this shiny thing around your neck? Can I have it?? It looks tasty!"


"I's sleepy too... I fink I'm gonna stay in bed a bit longer."

"Ahh... dis is cozy."

"Though..... I fink I see a toy over there that need some tackling."


"No way, Steph! Thems MY toys!"

"And I's not sharing em."

"Keanu isn't shaaaring!!!"

Oh well. I guess it's another day filled with kitty craziness. Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009


A super duper huge THANK YOU to Catherine over at "Corner of Cat's Mind"!!

Yesterday was her 500th post, so she had a mini-contest a few days ago in celebration to mark the achievement. The prize was for these gorgeous handmade Christmas cards with little snowmen and gingerbread men on them (so cute!). So, I put my name in to try my luck.... And I won, woo-hoo! :D
To add to the awesomeness, Catherine has decided to make me my very. own. kitty-christmas-cards! (something must have given off that I'm some kind of catlover or somethin'... ;)) Woohoo! I'm excited to see them :)


So, all the kittens have this stupid head cold now (the one that Whisper has been suffering with). I had asked the SPCA if I should be keeping them separate so that she doesn't contaminate them, but they said that they had checked them and there was no need. Well, someone there wasn't quite sure what they were talking about, cause now they're all sneezing and coughing with gooey, drippy eyes and noses. I feel so bad for the little things.

It's funny to see the bratty boys with the sickness cause they're the ones that are generally terrorizing everyone and everything. I just spent over an hour down there just cuddling all four of them (hee, it was great) in my lap, and they all just stayed put and purred away.

Actually, I think Whisper is the one with the most energy now. It was her that first had the sickness (and still seems to be sniffling a bit, but not nearly as much), then it was little Stephanie, then yesterday Holmes was the worst, and now Keanu is the same way as Holmes. The two boys are completely out of commission right now as they fight off the first few days with lots of sleep, but the girls are bouncing around as though they aren't sick at all --- And, in fact, Stephanie doesn't show any signs of it at all any more... and I thought she was going to be the worst off, cause she had even stopped eating for a few days, where I had to hand feed her wet stuff just so she'd get a little something in her belly. Stephanie is now the most demanding when it comes to the food now - she certainly has a BIG appetite for being such a teeny tiny little girl.

Here's a few pics & videos I took of them the other night, before the two boys got sick (again, sorry for the terrible camera... I will have to do something about that, for sure).



Just look at that tail! 

The boys getting caught snuggling.

My little climber. She is ALWAYS climbing on me.
And Steph on the floor... "I wannnna climb toooo!"

My playful little Keanu.

Whisper and Keanu up to no good, as always.
(Note the kleenex on the floor - one of their favourite things to do is pull kleenex out of the box)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet Stephanie

I think this little girl is going to be a lappy cat for life.


It seems that all kittens love the warm glow of a lappy. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Canned Food

Okay, let me take yesterday back. I certainly didn't give Holmes enough credit for being the terror of the bunch.

So, this morning I get up and putter around slowly in the morning, thinking I'll just leave myself about a half an hour to feed and spend time with the kittens before I go to work (instead of going down there first). Well, did I ever get a surprise/shock/scare when I went down there finally to check on them.

To start, I don't think I mentioned that the kittens have moved back into the foster room/guest room since our guests left. They were back in there as of last night.

Anyway, I've been spoiling them with canned food lately - which they go completely crazy over. So, we have a garbage can in there for guests for when they stay over, and I didn't think anything of it being in there with the kittens (oh, so naive of me), and I've been throwing out the empty catfood cans in there. Of course, they get in there and attempt to pull the bag out and drag it around the room. Therefore, to fix this situation, my "smart" idea is, not to REMOVE the garbage bin altogether, but to just take it and set it on top of the tall dresser so that the kittens can't get into it.

Well... that was wrong.

Kittens have this kangaroo feature about them that I forgot about, which allows them to jump onto any height it seems...

Well, this morning, I go in there and I see three kittens charge at me. 'Hm' ... 'Where's Holmes?'
I quickly look around and call him.. and what do I see, - not a kitten -, but a can of empty catfood attached to a cat's body wander out slowly from under the bed.


I shouldn't be allowed to foster anymore. I felt so horrible for that little kitten with his head stuck in the can (albeit, I did kinda giggle cause he looked kinda silly).
I slowly lifted the top and took it off of his head and he, and his dried up wet catfood head, just stared up and blinked at me without a complaint. When he realized what was going on he immediately went into 'poor me' mode and curled up close to me for comfort and started shaking. So I took him upstairs away from the other kittens and got a warm damp cloth to wipe his head while I cuddled him very closely. He just purred and purred and purred.

He was totally fine after he had some mommying and cleaning up (and I was late leaving for work, let me tell you.. but that's okay).. and when I put him back into the foster room, after his long pee break, he was back bouncing around with the other kittens.

Let's just say... I took the cans completely out of that room altogether. I checked him out today when I got home and you'd never know about the incident at all. He's very happy and I'm sure he doesn't even remember it happened (but boy... I sure felt bad for the little guy... and I know I was completely at fault for thinking a kitten couldn't get in there).

I know I'll be checking them first thing when I get up in the morning from now on, too. Just in case there's a kitten in desperate need of me.

Well, I'll post this now. I'll try to get some pictures up before I head to bed. :)

--edit, ok, no new pics tonight. I promise there will be tomorrow! For now, some blurry pics (sorry!)...


Blurry Whisper (bah, I really need a new camera)

Toe licker (Ew!)

Running around the house

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Little Terror Named Keanu

I'm still trying to determine which one of the boys is more of a terror. Some days it's Keanu, some days it's Holmes.

This morning they were both a handful as I was trying to get ready for a groggy Monday morning. They always seem to be underfoot, or on foot, or licking foot, or climbing legs, or beating up the girls, or....I could go on. Today Keanu seemed to have that little extra edge to him -- but, I just had to pick him up, sigh at his cute little monster face, and go about getting ready to go.

They are very sweet when they want to be, but most of the time, they're just being boys.

What a handful!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Outing

Yesterday evening, when we got home from our chilly round of fall golf, Yoko was fast asleep in the computer room for a few hours, so we decided to let the kittens out of their room to check out the house.

Did they ever have a lot of fun running around and checking everything out. They tore around in every nook & cranny and bounced on all the furniture. It was really adorable to watch. We had to really pay attention to where we were walking, because there was always a kitten underneath ;) And, I have to admit, that I really enjoyed having them fill the house.

We're pretty lazy from the weekend, so I think we're just going to spend the day lounging. I have some more pictures, and more videos, that I'll post of the kittens tomorrow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Late Post

Sorry I didn't get a post in earlier, I had a billion errands to do this evening because we're expecting company this weekend.

We've moved the kittens into the ensuite/walk-in-closet (another fairly large space) for the weekend because of this company. But, they still seem very happy in there. They certainly love checking out new areas!

I've got to know these little sweethearts a little better today, so I'll tell you a little bit about them through the (again, not so great - my apologies for a crappy camera) pictures: ....(note: please excuse the really tacky multi-coloured jammies by yours-truly.... it's late and I was cleaning :P)




This is Stephanie.
She is the bouncy bounce monster of the bunch. But, today, she suddenly calmed down and became a big sweetheart (don't the girls always do that? :D)
Stephanie's best quality is that she is a polydactyl cat (known for their SIX toes!!).
She's also very floofy, unlike the other three. She's very playful, and probably the shyest of them all (so far).


This is Whisper.
If it weren't for Yoko, this cat would already be adopted by us.
She is the one that is from the separate litter from the rest.... and unfortunately, she is very sick.
As you can see from the bottom picture, she has crust around her eyes. She is sneezing and coughing constantly, and has a great deal of trouble breathing (poor little squirt).
Her name suits her, because she is very gentle and sweet. She looks into your eyes when you talk to her and gives the softest, loving meow to respond.
She's also a shoulder sitter, just like my Yoks! Oh, and a cuddler, too.
Right now we don't have her on antibiotics because the vet doesn't believe it's necessary right now. So, instead, I've been taking her aside and cleaning out her nose and eyes. I'm also doing some one-on-one time with her and a nebulizer (basically a "steam machine" that helps to decongest her) that seems to help her.
I'm really hoping she gets better soon.




The bratty tabby boys, Keanu and Holmes.
Holmes is the one with the blue collar (if you see the pink collar in pics, that's Stephanie), and Keanu has no collar. Why does Keanu have no collar? Because if you see from the fourth picture, where Holmes is trying to get his off, Keanu was doing something similar, so we took it off of him.
I call them bratty because... They are the terrible twosome. Keanu is much more mild mannered than Holmes (I say that Holmes is named very well for his personality because he is the 'detective' of the bunch -- where he's ALWAYS getting into something and ALWAYS wanting to check out new areas).
They are sweet though one-on-one (if you can get Holmes to sit for five seconds).

I just love them all to bits. I hope everything goes well this weekend with the company here.
So far so good with Yoko too. She sensed something was going on tonight when we were moving them. She got into the walk-in closet when I was moving all the stuff into there (the kittens were still in the foster room), and when I tried to move her she made a growling sound. So, I'm guessing she could smell them. But, besides that, everything has been good with her. Again, typing away here, she's fast asleep....... :)


I'm off to sleepies. Good night! :)