Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A First Look at the Foster Room

We (well, I..) decided on the spare bedroom as the new foster area. Of the three bedrooms in the house, this one is the most neglected. The only time anyone goes in there is if we have guests staying over, which isn't very often. Luckily, this includes Yoko -- Therefore, there should be little, to no, interference with her and them. I hope to keep this section of the house closed off from her, just in case.

We have an unfinished area of the basement that we will be finishing in the near future, and my hope is to have a section of it specifically for the kittens. In the meantime, this will have to do. There is a night warm lighting in there in the evening, and with the window open during the day, there will be a nice amount of natural light for them.

I picked up a "large" dog cage at Petsmart tonight, that I hope will become the kitten -safe- zone. I'm hoping the time they will be in there will be limited (especially if there are many of them)... but it's good spot to have their litter and a warm soft bed to sleep on. I actually wanted a bigger cage than this one, and had my eye on one at Petsmart a few days ago... but, I wasn't sure if I was going to need it right away so I hesitated on buying it (whoops!). Of course, they sold out of the one I wanted. This was the next size down, and the only one left of this size, so, I snatched it up. I figure once we change the 'unfinished' space in the basement, I'll pick up another one of equal or larger size.

So, here's the first look at the room. For some reason, these two pics make the area look quite small. But, there really is a lot of floor space to roam around.



It's sort of dark-ish in there at the moment, just because it's night time. When I bring the kittens home tomorrow, I'll get some better shots :)

I also wanted to point out that we are currently rearranging the furniture downstairs right now. So, we'll be able to take the kittens out and let them run around in the open space we have on the floor (we'll wait until Yoko is sleeping and close the door the the master bedroom, to be fair).

Hope I can get some sleep tonight. I'm pretty excited about tomorrow! I wonder what kind of personalities they will have? What will they look like? How big will they be? Will they be male or female? Will they have names? What should I name them? Oooo, so many things to find out! :)


  1. Love your new background! Isn't "thecutestblogontheblock.com" the best site? I am thinking your new foster bedroom looks very warm and inviting. Your kitties are going to LOVE it. Cozy cozy! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  2. Yes, it must be like kitten christmas eve!

    Your downstairs is big enough for a kitten city! they are going to love ripping around down there. :-D

    (I hope there is a grey striped one!)


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