Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long Day

No time for new kitten snapshots today I'm afraid. We've been very busy preparing for Halloween weekend, along with several other household projects. So I'm just sitting down to the computer now for the first time (and only for a minute) to check my email and then I'm off to bed.

A quick update on the kittens though --

They all seem to be doing a ton better today. Everyone seems to be in a lot 'bouncier' spirits, which is TERRIFIC! I'm so relieved that they're all going to pull through this darn cold.

Even my sweet little Holmes is looking (and most importantly, sounding) better. I was really starting to worry about that one, because he had pretty much stopped eating, had -zero- energy, could barely breathe (which terrified me that he may choke on his nose-goo during the night), and had the itchiest, wateriest eyes. His eyes are still a little runny, but he's eating perfectly again, and getting up to see me when I come in the room.
He has become the cuddliest one of the bunch (but a very close second is Whisper)... He's real mommy's boy. He absolutely hates it when I get up, and he always insists that he sit on me. I've really grown attached to him.

Well, I'm off to bed for now. Tomorrow is another day - I will try to get some pictures in then!

Snuggly Holmes


  1. I am glad they are improving. Sick kittens must be so heartbreaking!

    I am so excited to see them all well and happy. Halloween + kittens seems like the best weekend that could exist. :-)

  2. So glad the kitties are feeling better!

  3. Yay for recovering kitties. And I know what you mean about Halloween busyness!!


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