Friday, October 23, 2009


A super duper huge THANK YOU to Catherine over at "Corner of Cat's Mind"!!

Yesterday was her 500th post, so she had a mini-contest a few days ago in celebration to mark the achievement. The prize was for these gorgeous handmade Christmas cards with little snowmen and gingerbread men on them (so cute!). So, I put my name in to try my luck.... And I won, woo-hoo! :D
To add to the awesomeness, Catherine has decided to make me my very. own. kitty-christmas-cards! (something must have given off that I'm some kind of catlover or somethin'... ;)) Woohoo! I'm excited to see them :)


So, all the kittens have this stupid head cold now (the one that Whisper has been suffering with). I had asked the SPCA if I should be keeping them separate so that she doesn't contaminate them, but they said that they had checked them and there was no need. Well, someone there wasn't quite sure what they were talking about, cause now they're all sneezing and coughing with gooey, drippy eyes and noses. I feel so bad for the little things.

It's funny to see the bratty boys with the sickness cause they're the ones that are generally terrorizing everyone and everything. I just spent over an hour down there just cuddling all four of them (hee, it was great) in my lap, and they all just stayed put and purred away.

Actually, I think Whisper is the one with the most energy now. It was her that first had the sickness (and still seems to be sniffling a bit, but not nearly as much), then it was little Stephanie, then yesterday Holmes was the worst, and now Keanu is the same way as Holmes. The two boys are completely out of commission right now as they fight off the first few days with lots of sleep, but the girls are bouncing around as though they aren't sick at all --- And, in fact, Stephanie doesn't show any signs of it at all any more... and I thought she was going to be the worst off, cause she had even stopped eating for a few days, where I had to hand feed her wet stuff just so she'd get a little something in her belly. Stephanie is now the most demanding when it comes to the food now - she certainly has a BIG appetite for being such a teeny tiny little girl.

Here's a few pics & videos I took of them the other night, before the two boys got sick (again, sorry for the terrible camera... I will have to do something about that, for sure).



Just look at that tail! 

The boys getting caught snuggling.

My little climber. She is ALWAYS climbing on me.
And Steph on the floor... "I wannnna climb toooo!"

My playful little Keanu.

Whisper and Keanu up to no good, as always.
(Note the kleenex on the floor - one of their favourite things to do is pull kleenex out of the box)

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  1. Hi there! Found your blog through the IBKC site -- I'm a foster mama too. Hope your kitties are all better soon!


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