Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Outing

Yesterday evening, when we got home from our chilly round of fall golf, Yoko was fast asleep in the computer room for a few hours, so we decided to let the kittens out of their room to check out the house.

Did they ever have a lot of fun running around and checking everything out. They tore around in every nook & cranny and bounced on all the furniture. It was really adorable to watch. We had to really pay attention to where we were walking, because there was always a kitten underneath ;) And, I have to admit, that I really enjoyed having them fill the house.

We're pretty lazy from the weekend, so I think we're just going to spend the day lounging. I have some more pictures, and more videos, that I'll post of the kittens tomorrow.


  1. All those adorable kittens running around under foot! Love it!


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