Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They're Here!

And they're TABBIES! (Well, three of the four are. We also got one gray kitten from a different litter.)

What a sweet little bunch they are. But holy smokes, they are jumping beans!! I think they're thrilled with all the space they have to run around, because as soon as I opened the cage door they made themselves instantly at home by pouncing All-Over-The-Place!

I tried to get some pictures of them, but they're just too quick for me, as you can see:

Checking out the cage.... "Hmm, how do I reach this food with these BARS in the way?" (I moved him inside to help him figure it out) :P

 One of the three tabbies. Blurry because he could see all the pouncing he was missing out on beside me.

The floofy gray tabby. This is the bounciest kitty of them all. He is on super-speed mode all the time.

I dumped a whack of toys on the floor.... the black blobs are very excited kittens :D

I also got a few videos, because it's much easier to show them that way for now. And I'll get some pictures when they've settled down a bit. :)


  1. Cute,,,hope you have a large litter what about Yoko???

  2. Yoko doesn't even know. She's on my lap right now happy as can be.

  3. LUCKY!!!!
    I'll make you a deal...I take kitties, you take husband.

  4. Oh Gosh ~ how are you ever going to get anything else done?? I would want to just be in there, watching and playing with those kitties all day! Have fun!!


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