Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh, the sweet fluffy of Cleo. Every time I see her, I wish I could stash her in my bag and take her home with me <3

I know the other pictures of her are on this chair.. but seriously, 90% of the time I was at my parents' house... she was collapsed on it :D

Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays...etc.
However you celebrate! I hope everyone is having a wonderful one! :)

So, I think Santa got tired of all my whining and complaining about my camera over this past year... because holy smokes, he spoiled the bananas out of me :o
I almost fell over when I opened up a box and found a Nikon D5000 staring back at me. (!!!)
I certainly wasn't expecting that, for sure. I'm a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful 'Santa'. ♥

Anyway, the reason I bring this up.... Because now I can take PICTURES!!! Yayayaya!
I'm still learning the camera as I go along, so they aren't perfect. But wow! What an improvement from the little things I do know. I'm seriously in love with it.
Which is good news for this blog! Better camera = Better Pictures = MORE Pictures :D

So to start things off... Here are 'a few' of my practice pictures. I'm in Eastern Ontario for Christmas, and the following characters are residents of my family.

This happy boxcat is my Mom's youngest, Gerry.
What a character this little (ahem, I mean ENORMOUS) kitty is.
I brought him home from the adoption centre about four years ago for my Mom's birthday (much to her surprise ;)), and he's a real funny guy. He's sooo big and sweet and funny. I love him! :)

This butterball is Cleo.
You'll never find a nicer cat than this one. Even though the pictures don't quite do her justice here (trust me, I'll get some more), she is such a sweetcake. And by FAR, the softest fur you have ever touched. She feels like she's part bunny. She's a cuddler and lover... always in the mood for snuggles. :)

This fluffy Persian, Buddy, is my Uncle's kitty.
He's a sweet tempered and loving kitty ...... hehe ;)
Okay, you got me, he's not really a Persian kitty. :P
He's an American Eskimo puppy dog.  But he really is probably the best behaved and sweet dog I've ever known. I'm (obviously) not as much a dog person as I am a cat person (I love ALL animals though, of course.. I just mean as a pet 'owner'), but I would easily have a dog in my home if I was guaranteed that it was as wonderful as this guy.
Oh.. and the FLUFF! He looks like a big dog, but it's just the HAIR! He's awesomely fluffified! :D
He also doubles as a terrific vacuum cleaner for Christmas dinner ;)

And just for fun, more Gerry.
We have an freezing rain storm today and he's in the window watching the icicles dripping.
Love those whiskers.

Aww ♥
Cleo came to join him. Such love :)

That's all for now. I'm thinking I'll finally get out of my jammies and take a walk outside to play with my new camera a bit more. Hope everyone is having a safe, wonderful holiday :) Back soon!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kitten Food Question

Hey all you Fosterers/Cat Experts.... I've got a question to throw out there about kitten food.

So... I've been trying to wean Chia from soft canned food to regular dry food the few days ~ because all she ever eats is the soft stuff. I've been worried this may be a problem for her in the future when she goes into Petsmart/SPCA (especially over Christmas) and/or when she gets adopted, and hard stuff may be the only thing offered to her.

Any thoughts on the best way to introduce her to the hard stuff?
I mean, I always leave a bowl of it in her room, but it always goes untouched, and she gets very demanding for the soft stuff when I go in there. Then of course, I'm a sucker to the sweet begging and give into her starving meows. I've also tried mixing the wet and the dry together, but she always eats around the dry stuff somehow.

Tonight, to try something different, I spent some time with her on the bed with a handful of pellets. I'd put one to her nose and she's sort of roll it around in her mouth and then spit it out (without chewing it)... and it made me think that she just doesn't know -how- to eat it. I'm worried she'll never learn :P

Eventually she would use her teeth on one or two, and I'd tell her she was a good girl while petting her, and that seemed to encourage her to have more. But, I think she was thinking it was more of a game. Every time I put her down in front of the dish to show her it was the same thing, she'd ignore it.
So.. I'm stumped. And welcome any advice!

Thanks! :)


Is this season over yet? Harumph.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hmmm.. What do we have here?!

It's... it's... beautiful!

I definitely think I could get used to this whole Christmas thing!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted last. I can't even explain how busy things have been around here. Every night has been booked with something... and Christmas is approaching SO FAST!
I'm very excited to have Christmas come, of course. But, oh boy, I'm still not fully ready yet!

Chia is still here with us, and as you can see, she really is growing up to be a little beauty! We brought her out one night while Yoko was asleep in the bedroom, and she got to run around and sniff all the Christmas stuff. Methinks she's a fan of Christmas too!

We'll be going away + having company + going away + having company (lol) a lot over Christmas, so I've asked the SPCA if we could bring Chia back with Candy from December 22-January 2nd. I hate the thought that she'll be away from us during the holidays, but it really will be better for her, since she'll have people to be with around the clock (they work every day over the holidays so the animals are never alone). Then, as far as I know, on January 2nd, when I go to pick her up again... I'll have Candy back, too! Yay!

But! That doesn't mean I won't be posting over the holidays. I actually think this will allow me to post *more*. There will be other kitties in my travels (ones I'm excited to post about on here, actually) :) So stay tuned for that!

So, I'm off for now, and I will be slow posting still for the next few days... but as soon as I'm on holidays (Dec 23rd-Jan 3rd), I'll be here more often to let you all know what's up!

Until then!! Hope you're all enjoying the season so far! :):)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Blankey

I've been a busy bee again as of late, as I suspected my December may be. But, as usual, I am following all my blog sites... just have little time in the evenings to get good posts in.

This past weekend was due to my "Annual Getting Older Day" *ahem* ... so, that was part of the reason. Then this week I have been attending Christmas parties, putting up the tree and decorations, and doing shopping.

I received a gift, sent from my lovely parents, that I thought I would share with you all ~ as I thought it was humourous that "someone" immediately decided to make it her own.

I've been known to be incredibly cold all the time... and I generally keep my house a little cooler. So they thought it a great idea to buy me an electric blanket...

I'll just say... I haven't had much use of it for myself. :P

A quick side note for anyone who's wondering:
I still have Chia here at the house. She's growing like a little weed. I've talked to the SPCA and Candy is still doing well on her antibiotics, but she still has to stay with them. I'm not sure how much longer, but I know that everyone there has fallen in love with her, so I'm sure she's getting lots of attention.
Chia is also doing really well. She's not crying as much (looking for her sister). And I think she's actually gaining a great skill in independence. She's so cuddly and loving... I really never want to give her back. ;)
Maybe I can put her in someone's stocking for Christmas :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's chilly and snowy!

And someone knows it! :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sad News :(

Quick note for this evening, and unfortunately, I have some sad news.

On Sunday, I noticed that Candy had a watery eye. She's always had a bit of a runny eye off and on since the day I picked her up from the shelter; but, on Sunday it was moreso than I had ever seen.

So, I picked her up and took a good look, and she had a corneal ulcer on her left eye. It wasn't horribly deep, but there was a definite circular lesion there that was affecting the eye (amongst redness, tearing, etc). Poor little baby.

She wasn't 'suffering', per se. She was still playing with Chia, and happy chirping and snuggling when I came to see her, but I thought it best to take her in and have her looked at by the SPCA vet.

Turns out they want to keep her for a few days to ensure that a virus (my guess, FHV) is ruled out. I thought it was due to her current rough-housing with her sister, but I knew in the back of my mind that that was a possibility.

So now poor Chia is here all by herself, and poor Candy is stuck in a cage at the vet. I'm sad for both of them.... Chia being alone, and Candy being in a big scary place without her sister, suffering from a sore eye.

I'm supposed to get an update daily - and when they get the right medication, she can come back home with us.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is okay. I miss her very much.. ♥

...More updates to follow as I find out.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Digress....

I was hoping to stay away from posting other people's stuff on here, but C453Y sent this YouTube link to me yesterday and I just have to share it with you because it's soooo cute!!

***10pm Sunday 
Note: I just took a trip over to CuteOverload and realized they had posted this the same time as me (didn't even notice). Whoops. Now I've really copied ;P Oh well... I'm keeping it here - it's just too darn cute!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Mornin' with The Sisters

Ah, a relaxing weekend to sit at home in our pjs and play with kittens!

We let the girls out of the foster room to let them roam all around downstairs (setting up a gate - aka, a large box - at the bottom of the stairs, so that Yoko is separated from them), and just left blankets and pillows and boxes and toys all over the place for them to play with. And are they ever having a great time down there!! I keep hearing boxes being toppled over and jingling toys being tossed around.

I also have a big foam mattress I use to put on the pull-out couch when guests come over (the actual mattress on it is pretty hard), and I put that out and leaned it against the couch so that they would have a soft climbing wall. Oh my gosh, they just love love love it!

"There's so much to do and look at! Where do I start?"

"Oh my, what's this big foam thing?"


"I likes this fing lots"

"No, mine!"


"Boxes, boxes! So many boxes! I love boxes!"

"Hey up there, whatchyou doin'? Come play wif us!"

"I's gonna get you!"

Hehe. Look at all the cat prints in the foam :D


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Visit Until the New Year

The cat cages at Petsmart were quite sparse today. It's nearing the end of the SPCA rotation month, so not too many are being brought in right now. But, nonetheless, I still had a nice day with everyone that was there. :)

No kittens were there at all, only the adults (so they get prime picking the last few days). I enquired to where my Whisper was, and someone told me that she thinks she was brought BACK to the SPCA main office because she was sick AGAIN. My poor little baby.... I hope she's doing okay. I was going to drop in there after my shift tonight, but something came up so I wasn't able to :( Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to see if she's still there.

The good news though, was that I saw in our log book that Holmes was there for a short time - and he IMMEDIATELY got adopted! I was pretty darn happy to see that. He's such a wonderful boy :)

Anyway, enough of my chattering and onto the pictures!

Sasha was still there from last week (she's the mother of Nikkio that was adopted). Has she ever come a long way in a week. She was MUCH more friendly now that she had relaxed a little, and boy did she talk!

Oh my, I have a terrible memory.
Okay, so, I apologize, my mind has gone blank for this one's name (even though I spent lots of time with her). She's the only declawed kitty of the bunch (and that I've ever seen in rotation, for that matter), but that sure doesn't stop her from jumping and playing! She was very friendly, and oh boy she loved to play!

Rocky is the cat in the bunch that has to be separated because he spits and growls at all the others. At first I just stayed away from him (because every time I went near the cage he eyed me and gave me a warning growl). After I did all my cleaning, I opened up his cage and just talked to him from a distance. He stopped growling and eventually let me stick my hand in to pet him. Then, as soon as he realized I was of no threat and that he really was starving for affection, he let me fully stroke his head and ears softly. He closed his eyes and started to purr.
It's kitties like this one that makes me realize why I'm really there. These poor animals have no home and they are so scared - and all they really need is some love.
I know once he gets a home of his own, away from all this ruckus, he's going to be a very wonderful pet.

Last week I called this cat "Halloween", because that's what was written on her collar. Her card said Halliwell, but I always go with what they have around their neck. Today I saw that someone fixed it, and her name is actually Halliwell.
Unfortunately, this kitty is a nasty one. No matter what you do, she's unfriendly. But, again, it's probably just because of her current surroundings that she's like that. I eventually had to put her in her own cage away from the rest of the kitties (where I suffered from a severe arm thrashing), and left her be. She eventually curled up and went to sleep.
I hope that the owners that take her home give her a little time to come around.


And last, another darling kitty that was sweet as a button and absolutely beautiful. I have no doubts that Pauly will get adopted by the end of the month (or the end of the week). She is playful, talkative, cuddly, licky, and just a plain joy to have around! :)

I'm off to feed the Sisters now. I'll try to get some shots of them while I'm down there! :)

And a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all those in the U.S.A.! I hope everyone has/had a wonderful day! :):)