Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sad News :(

Quick note for this evening, and unfortunately, I have some sad news.

On Sunday, I noticed that Candy had a watery eye. She's always had a bit of a runny eye off and on since the day I picked her up from the shelter; but, on Sunday it was moreso than I had ever seen.

So, I picked her up and took a good look, and she had a corneal ulcer on her left eye. It wasn't horribly deep, but there was a definite circular lesion there that was affecting the eye (amongst redness, tearing, etc). Poor little baby.

She wasn't 'suffering', per se. She was still playing with Chia, and happy chirping and snuggling when I came to see her, but I thought it best to take her in and have her looked at by the SPCA vet.

Turns out they want to keep her for a few days to ensure that a virus (my guess, FHV) is ruled out. I thought it was due to her current rough-housing with her sister, but I knew in the back of my mind that that was a possibility.

So now poor Chia is here all by herself, and poor Candy is stuck in a cage at the vet. I'm sad for both of them.... Chia being alone, and Candy being in a big scary place without her sister, suffering from a sore eye.

I'm supposed to get an update daily - and when they get the right medication, she can come back home with us.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she is okay. I miss her very much.. ♥

...More updates to follow as I find out.


  1. Poor wee Candy! You know I am sending my warmest love, thoughts and wishes! Love to Chia as well ~ hopefully her sister will be home soon!

  2. Poor Candy! Sending lots of love her (and your!) way, and hope she'll be home soon!

  3. Poor Candy and Chia. Sending out some purrs and hugs to her

  4. Oh no! Love to both kitties and you, and wishes for a quick recovery. It's all fun and games until someone gets a sore eye :(

  5. Healing purrs comin' to Candy from the B'more bunch!! You and Chia love up on each other really good while she's away... keeping your spirits up is important! Positive thinking... she'll be home soon... she'll be home soon... she'll be home soon!!


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