Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Late Post

Sorry I didn't get a post in earlier, I had a billion errands to do this evening because we're expecting company this weekend.

We've moved the kittens into the ensuite/walk-in-closet (another fairly large space) for the weekend because of this company. But, they still seem very happy in there. They certainly love checking out new areas!

I've got to know these little sweethearts a little better today, so I'll tell you a little bit about them through the (again, not so great - my apologies for a crappy camera) pictures: ....(note: please excuse the really tacky multi-coloured jammies by yours-truly.... it's late and I was cleaning :P)




This is Stephanie.
She is the bouncy bounce monster of the bunch. But, today, she suddenly calmed down and became a big sweetheart (don't the girls always do that? :D)
Stephanie's best quality is that she is a polydactyl cat (known for their SIX toes!!).
She's also very floofy, unlike the other three. She's very playful, and probably the shyest of them all (so far).


This is Whisper.
If it weren't for Yoko, this cat would already be adopted by us.
She is the one that is from the separate litter from the rest.... and unfortunately, she is very sick.
As you can see from the bottom picture, she has crust around her eyes. She is sneezing and coughing constantly, and has a great deal of trouble breathing (poor little squirt).
Her name suits her, because she is very gentle and sweet. She looks into your eyes when you talk to her and gives the softest, loving meow to respond.
She's also a shoulder sitter, just like my Yoks! Oh, and a cuddler, too.
Right now we don't have her on antibiotics because the vet doesn't believe it's necessary right now. So, instead, I've been taking her aside and cleaning out her nose and eyes. I'm also doing some one-on-one time with her and a nebulizer (basically a "steam machine" that helps to decongest her) that seems to help her.
I'm really hoping she gets better soon.




The bratty tabby boys, Keanu and Holmes.
Holmes is the one with the blue collar (if you see the pink collar in pics, that's Stephanie), and Keanu has no collar. Why does Keanu have no collar? Because if you see from the fourth picture, where Holmes is trying to get his off, Keanu was doing something similar, so we took it off of him.
I call them bratty because... They are the terrible twosome. Keanu is much more mild mannered than Holmes (I say that Holmes is named very well for his personality because he is the 'detective' of the bunch -- where he's ALWAYS getting into something and ALWAYS wanting to check out new areas).
They are sweet though one-on-one (if you can get Holmes to sit for five seconds).

I just love them all to bits. I hope everything goes well this weekend with the company here.
So far so good with Yoko too. She sensed something was going on tonight when we were moving them. She got into the walk-in closet when I was moving all the stuff into there (the kittens were still in the foster room), and when I tried to move her she made a growling sound. So, I'm guessing she could smell them. But, besides that, everything has been good with her. Again, typing away here, she's fast asleep....... :)


I'm off to sleepies. Good night! :)


  1. So fun all those kittens! And it looks like Yoko is still getting her share of love as well. Too cute! Good luck this weekend with the kittens and the company! :)

  2. I love your little descriptions of what they are like. Really makes them all sound like they would be wonderful to adopt. Hope everything goes will with Whisper, poor little thing.

    Stephanie and her little wildcat ear tufts made me melt.


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