Sunday, November 22, 2009

Box Fort

Our temporary cat tree - made out of several boxes that we had around the house. The girls just love getting in them!


  1. Our new foster Sara is turning EVERYTHING in the laundry room into her own personal cat gym. It's amazing how kitties can find all kinds of ways to exercise themselves, no? :)

    Will you be getting a more permanent cat tree or adding on to the temporary one?

  2. Cardboard boxes and kitties - they just go together don't they? I also find a large gift bag makes for hours of fun as well! :)

  3. Leslie -- I plan to buy them a real cat tree soon. Though I know the boxes re doing very well with them right now ;)
    Catherine -- Good idea! I'll add one of those.

  4. Oh, yes... gift bags are as good as boxes!! Those handles make for awesome fun!


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