Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a scare!

I had a horrible scare this morning. I went in the room to see the kittens, but something was terribly wrong. Usually, when I open the door, everyone bolts over to me as soon as they see me. Today, I opened the door, and everyone jumped up to see me... except Pyxis.

I looked all around, and realized she was at the back of the bed, and from afar, it looked as though she had her claw stuck on the blanket, and couldn't free it.
But, on closer inspection... there was a big rip in the blanket, and somehow she had wound the blanket and strings around and around and around her arm...and her neck. The blanket was wound so tightly all the way up, completely covering her arm all the way to her shoulder... with the big string around her neck. I panicked when I saw her, because she wasn't moving. I got right up close and looked at her and noticed that she was awake and breathing.

I couldn't pull the strings apart without causing pressure on her throat and arm, so I left the room and raced into the workshop to find something to cut it with. Luckily, I found something right away, raced back into the room and carefully cut it all off of her. I couldn't believe how wound around it was.

After she was released, her little body was still completely limp, so I picked her up, wrapped her in another blanket, and gently rubbed her until she came to. After a few minutes, she started looking around and I let her out of the blanket. I was extremely relieved to see that her arm wasn't hurt (not only was I worried that she was strangled, but that she may have broken/sprained her arm from the struggle)... and she quickly got back on her feet and walked around with no problem. After something to eat, she was back playing with the rest of the kittens.


I figure what happened was that she was playing with one of the pulled strings where the blanket was torn, got stuck in it, and then twisted her body around and around until she got so wrapped up in it that she couldn't get free. Poor little thing. It must have really scared her.

Anyway, things are good now. But it certainly was a frightening morning!

Here's the rest of the pictures from yesterday:

Tauri being cute.

What a sweetheart :)

She stayed like this for so long, it was irresistible.

Draco and Herc
Herc is squinting like that cause Pyx had just smacked him in the eye :P

Hahaha.. love this face.

Slurpy slurp!

Pyx on the awful blanket that attacked her!!

Don't you just LOVE that little face?

Such a doll :)

Pyx and Draco

More Pyx and Draco
Hee, I think Drake is so goofy looking

 More snuggly Tauri

I just couldn't get enough of her!! Especially when she fell asleep :D

That's it. Gonna go check on them again right now!

Note: For any that have been following my blog since the beginning.. Remember the incident with Holmes and the tin can??? The incident this morning with Pyx was a total replay of that! Here's the link for those who didn't read about it.
These kittens are always scaring me!! But it makes me realize how durable they can be at times.


  1. Wow, what an awful scare. See, you have to baby proof your house!
    The other story about the tin head was cute though...

  2. Oh, I'm so happy Pyxis is OK! It must have been terrifying to find her like that... Good on you for the quick thinking!

  3. Oh my...catastrophes can happen, that's fur sure! At the cat hospital where I work, I stress to the staff that ANY towel with a hole or strings, gets tossed straight away. And we never use crocheted blankets or those woven, summer light ones. So good you were home and able to save this little one!

  4. So glad kitty is OK!

    Gosh ~ these sweet little faces! I think I would skip work and stay home and play with them all day! Fun!

    xo Catherine

  5. YEESH! Glad you saved her. Who could have ever known something like that could happen?!

    Your pics are so great!! Pyx is a superstar, and Draco's fat head and bug eyes makes me laugh every time. :-)

  6. Ok, I demand proof these are real kittens. These photos are all just too darn perfect!!

    and that is quite a scare. I'm so glad that everything turned out ok. I had a scare myself over the weekend that thankfully turned out ok as well. Kittens, they sure do know how to get a heart beating don't they?

    (as for the can story - I absolutely love it)

  7. WOW~!!! That must have been totally terrifying! Our sisfur, Scooter(RIP), one time got her neck stuck in a Macys bag handle (when they were twine) and rolled and rolled and literally choked herself unconcious. I had to give her mouth to snout recusitation. That was scary on to the cuteness...

    Can we have ALL of them?????

  8. Soooo glad she's OK. I swear this is why they say cats have nine lives--they're always getting into something potentially deadly. Man, those are some amazingly cute faces. Round roly-polies.

  9. Oh my! So, so glad Pyx is fine. You gotta watch those unassuming blankets, little kitten ... never know when they'll turn on you!

  10. Hi, I'm hitting all the kitty blogs trying gather some advice. We found a kitten near our house, I've posted about him here:
    We're taking him to the vet tomorrow but because I know these things can turn from ok to BAD real quick so I just want to make sure I'm watching for the right things tonight.
    Thanks for any help you can give. :-)

  11. Update: good news on my front, lil' kitten is a gal, she does have an upper respiratory infection but we've got meds and ointment for the eyes and treatment for the other buggers literally bugging her. So now onto the healing! :-) And naming. :-)

  12. I can only imagine how scary that was! I am so relieved that Pyx was okay. :)

    The pictures are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

  13. Hi again! :-) First off let me tell you how jealous I am of your quality pics. Our camera just goes all fuzzy whenever you try to do a closeup. Our own Miss Bella is doing so much better and I thank you again for your great advice.

  14. OMC they are so adorable! I miss having kittens... Nimbus grew up too quickly! MOL
    Welcome to our new furiends list btw.

  15. Your photos are unbelievably cute! So pretty, I love them all!

  16. What a scare. It only takes a moment. Or so Jan keeps mumbling when we do strange things.


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