Monday, June 21, 2010

Earmites! Nooooooo!

And you all thought I got off easy with this batch ;)

Okay, they're still little angels. But, c'mon, earmites?!! Grah! This is going to be a pain in the you-know-what.

I realized it the other day -- just before the weekend, when I was planning to have a whole house full of people staying the entire time. It crossed my mind when I saw Orian's ears, a week or so back, when I thought she had a dark residue in there. I think I pushed the thought out for fear that I was right. Well, I was sitting on the bed with the whole crew of five on my lap, and noticed one of the orange boys had the same darkness in his ears. I hoped it was just the colouring, but I got a closeup inspection to see that it was indeed the black-goo of mites. Checked everyone else's ears, and behold, they were all infected with it. *pout*

I've had a couple outbreaks of mites in my days. Once with Yoko, that was the most hellish experience I've ever gone through. :P
I decided that the procedure of going through 10 ears with a q-tip could wait until the weekend was over. 1) I didn't have time, and 2) TEN ears...... ten. Need I say more? *pouts again*

So, I stuck them all in my ensuite/joined-walk-in-closet for the weekend, and they'll all be going back to the foster room tonight. I'll start the process of ear-squeeging as I move each of them back individually. Going to be using mineral oil for the kittens (and Orian for the time being) - since they're too young for any other meds. I'll pick up something stronger for Orian from Jill whenever I see her next.

I really really really reaaaaallly hope that Yoko doesn't pick it up from them somehow. I've been making sure people wash after being with the kittens...but....there's still a small chance. I'll have to bleach my bathroom/closet after everyone is moved out.

No pictures right now because I'm on my lunch break at work, but I'll try to post some when I get home tonight, after I move everyone back into their room. Just wanted to touch base... got some rounds I have to do on the blogosphere when I get home tonight too. I'm starting to get behind!

Back in a bit :)


  1. Oh that's too bad -- but it sounds like you've got things under control. Hoping Yoko stays clear!

  2. Ear mites ear mites...well in some ways they're easier to get rid of than the human ear worm. ;-)

    Bella's gotten hers taken care of from the vet, I just have to clean out her ears now.
    Good luck with those 10 ears. Yowza!


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