Saturday, June 12, 2010

Has it been that long?

Wow, it really has. I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted last! Where is the summer going? I can't believe it's already mid-June!

Last weekend we had company here for 5 days, as we all participated in a golf tournament. And now this weekend I'm all by myself - just me, Orian & the kittens, and Yoko - while Doug goes down south for another golf tournament (yeah, he plays a LOT of golf). I couldn't get Friday off, plus we didn't have anyone to kitten-sit, so here I am! Which, I'm totally okay with, because I'm certainly not against a nice quiet weekend!

The kittens are growing so fast, and they're getting into that wild and playful stage. I haven't been taking ANY pictures of their progress since the last pictures (I'm sorry!). My battery has been dead on my camera for ages, and I never think to plug it in - until yesterday. So, here's some pics from today!

Hercules struts his stuff.

Of the four kittehs, he is the snuggle-monster.

Orian after a drink of water (if you look close, she has water droplets on her nose!)

Herc chewin' on the bed skirt.

Draco pouncing on Pyxis.

Little Tauri. She's the tiny one of the bunch. But she's a HUGE eater! And loves to follow the others around, copying their every move.

Hi Tauri!

Draco hanging out in the basket.

And then he attempts to climb up on the bed.

He made it!
(don't mind Pyx in the box in the back.. hehe)

  Of course Tauri had to try it too. Gotta follow her big brother!

Draco contemplating the jump.

No problem!
Don't you just love that fuzzy sausage body?!

Drake and Pyx

Such gorgeous colours Pyxis has.

Pretty Pyxi


Aw, you're forgiven.

Draco: "You go first, Pyx. I'll wait here."

Herc botherin' Mama Orian while she tries to nap.

Snuggly Tauri :)

Okay, there's a bunch more, but I'll upload the rest in tomorrow's post!

So, some other info for now...
It's been a few weeks since I heard from Ann and the boys. Last time I heard from her, she said that Wes was still a tiny little squirt that was having a lot of trouble with gaining any weight. L was using the litterbox on his own and playing with the many other fur-children in the house. Poor little Wesley continues to struggle - but I know she's been very dedicated to them. She mentioned that she's going to send me some pictures very soon :)

Rosie has been gone for a while now, too. She has been spayed and is now on a rotation at Petsmart. If I get a chance to go into town today, I will stop by in there and take a picture of her (if she hasn't been adopted yet).
We had a really big struggle to get her into her cage the morning of her return. And I felt terrible kicking her out of the office to go to the big scary vet. I really hope that she's doing okay.
I'm back in my office now though, after hours and hours of scrubbing floors, desks, walls, and so on... and as much as I miss the boys - I gotta say it's nice to be able to have my area back!

Well, I'm off to finally get out of my jammies (at noon) and putter in the garden for a bit. Back tomorrow! :)


  1. Gahhh! Sooo cute! I'll have to bring the girls over sometime to visit. :)

  2. Absolutely! The girls would love them. They're getting to the perfect playful age!

  3. These photos were all you needed to be forgiven! The kittens are growing so fast — I love the "furball" stage before they get long and lean. The photo series with Pyxis makes me laugh every time I look at it.
    It's wonderful that L is now autonomous and has made friends; let's hope that Wes puts on weight... slow and steady! Fingers crossed for Rosie's adoption.

  4. Yay! An update!! I have been waiting for this. :-D Awesomely sweet pictures, and glad to hear the boys are doing well.

  5. They're so cute! Little fluff-balls of mischief. :)
    I feel bad for Rosie though, I really hope someone adopts her soon.

  6. Oh, how can you stand it? They are SOOOOO cute!


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