Thursday, September 3, 2009

SPCA Kitties

There were a lot of kitties at the shelter yesterday. All of them are so darling! I fell in love with them all almost instantly. Everyone has their own little personality. I was able to get a few pictures of a couple of them (there were about 12 altogether... which is a lot), but not everyone.. just because I was sort of busy with potential adopters and lots of cleaning. I promise that I'll get lots next time (I don't work next week because it's a short week, but the week following).

So here they are!
This is Bear. There were three kittens in the shelter, and Bear was definitely the most hyper. I was able to get a few pictures of her because she always wanted to be out of the cages playing with whatever was available to her. As you can see, she's surrounded herself with a million toys.

This is Muriel. I hope this sweet angel gets adopted soon. She's the most patient and gentle cat of all of them. And, she's also been there the longest (a few months). She came from a broken home, where the others believe someone was hitting her all the time. She flinches at any little movement near her, but won't run away. She sits to the sidelines and watches all the others play and roam around. She spent most of her time on the cat tree. I was sorry I didn't get a better picture of her, because she has the most beautiful eyes. She's great with all the cats, and lets the kittens jump and roll on her without any fuss whatsoever. I would totally adopt her myself if it weren't for the Queen. If she's still there next time I am, I'll be sure to get more pictures of her.

This is Tippy. Tippy is the momma of the three kittens. She isn't very sociable with the other cats and will generally hiss or meow at them. When I was there, I was trying to work with her to accept the others, and eventually she became a little less hostile towards them. She even helped Strat (shown next) chase down a stray cricket that made it's way into the area. When she was in the cage on her own, she was very sweet and would headbutt me and talk to me. She's only about a year old, and once she heals from the birthing and her surgery (from being fixed), I'm sure someone will adopt her.

And last is Strat.What a ham this cat is. He is such a SUCKY! He always wants to be held, he loves to ride shoulders, and give tons of kisses and headbutts. Every time he was out of his cage he was demanding to be loved by someone. I know this sweetheart won't be in the shelter the next time I'm there because he won't last long from being adopted. He's great with all the other cats and kittens and he's so playful and charming. As you can see from the pictures, he insisted to sit on my lap as I watched the others play on the floor. He reminded me of my old cat, Rico, whom was also a wonderful cat. 

And that's it for now. No pictures of my own monster today... she's currently snoring loudly on Doug's (her) computer chair, so I won't disturb her. Yesterday when I came home and she whined at me, I told her that she should be grateful that she has a roof above her head... and then I snuggled her very tightly. I know that we should all be grateful that we do.


  1. CUTE! I am so glad you are doing this Lynds! Its especially awesome of you since you will be so busy with your new job. Go you!

    P.S. Bear is SUCH a cute name for a kitten!

  2. Awesome Lynds!
    I'd take Muriel in a second if I could!


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