Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Beanbag

Yoko's favourite thing in the world is the heated Beanbag. As mentioned, this kitty loves her some warm-spots.
The Beanbag was actually originally a gift from a friend of mine to ME, but Yoks decided that she was going to take it over for herself. And honestly, because she's so cute with it, I don't mind one bit :) (I still snag it from her once in a while when I'm chilly or have an ache though -- don't tell her ;)).

All it needs is to be thrown in the microwave for about a minute and a half to about two minutes and it's ready to go. On those chilly nights, I stick it between us under the blankets while we sleep and neither of us move all night long.

Today is a gorgeous fall day, but still a little nippy outside. We always leave the large bedroom window open for her to watch everything going on outside (on a chair we have set up for her), and today she liked having her bean bag there with her while she watched the kids playing outside. :)


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  1. Love the beanbag and my cat Banjo at my feet on those cold winter evenings!


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