Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleeping Positions

Yoko is known to sleep anywhere that contains a warm spot. Two of her most favourite of these spots is in a lap, or on a laptop.
She's in her happy place if someone is kind enough to let her sprawl out on their lap for a good couple of hours though.

I snapped a couple shots of her from the other night that I thought were super cute. The first one is a pretty typical position to find us in. Me, in jammies, and her totally taking ownership of my entire lap. I usually fold her in blankets or my pjs for a little extra comfort.

She loves to be picked up and held with her feet in the air like a baby. I'll walk around the house like this with her all the time.

Eventually she'll get up and move herself to the laptop, as I've posted pictures of in the past. The other night I thought it was really cute that she fell asleep with her head pressed right up to the monitor.


Tee hee.

Today, I'm off to the shelter for my weekly visit. I wonder if Miriam is still there. Hopefully there'll be a new batch of kittens there to play with! Pictures to come soon :)

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  1. Ahaha, wtf, Yoko?

    Seeing her head propped up against the monitor reminds me of this kitty:



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