Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kitty Day!

The kitties were great today, many still the same from last week - which was kind of disappointing. The greatest thing was that Gambit (the black and white kitten) wasn't adopted like he was supposed to be... so I got another day with him! But, someone else came in today and claimed him (though, it wasn't 100%).

Many of the cats don't need an introduction, so I'm just going to load you up with pics all together. ;)

Miriam was still there, and an angel as always.

Booboo was also still there, and he was such a sucky today. Sitting on my lap and purring on me :)

Meeka was also still there. My lick-o-holic.

Another one still there, Kyra. She warmed up to me a lot today, too.

A newbie, and a real grouch. Tigger wouldn't come out of his cage, and when I went to clean inside of there, he growled and hissed at me. I just left him be... He wouldn't even look up to me so I could take his picture. But, he was really cute, with his lion-cut hair do :)

Honey was still there, too. Today she these weird red sores above her eyes that alarmed me. I took a close look at her, and I think she may've had ringworm. On my way home, I brought her with me back to the main SPCA office so the vet could check her out. Poor little girl. She has the squeekiest meow ever.

Mow, too, still there. She was really something today. She was in so much need for attention, so when I went in to greet her, she spent about 15 minutes sucking on my hands and kneeding like mad (just like a baby kitten)! It was so adorable, but I felt so sad for her... she really needs a home soon :(

My boy!! My lovey-dovey-sweety-snookums, Gambit. Have I mentioned my love affair with this cat? JUST LOOK AT THE PINK PAW-PADS PEOPLE! gah! *dies*

More, more, more!!

He's been totally dolled up in his pink feather-boa, and has had a gorgeous french manicure.

(I wanna steal him.... like.... lots)


Sigh, what a little charmer. <3


  1. What is taking these people so long to adopt Gambit?? He is obviously the cutest kitten ever! Like, get a move on!

    I like Kyra too. I bet she was such a cute kitten.(I like the grey stripeys!)

  2. God, I know. If you didn't live all the way in Toronto, I would've already been on your doorstep with him ages ago.

  3. Hi kittykye! Thanks for popping over to my blog. Looks like you are doing some great stuff here. What a bunch of sweet kitties you are helping to look after and find homes for. Love it!

  4. Andrew wants a kitten so bad I think not getting one might just kill him. I would get one, but I feel bad because my apartment is so small. Like, what would a cat do around here?

  5. Hi there,

    I see that you have befriended my little lick-a-holic Meekah (her name is actually spelled with an H!). I surrendered her to the SPCA a few months ago when I had to move back to my parents' place. My mom is terrified of cats so I had no choice. I've missed her terribly ever since :( I was always checking on the SPCA website to see if she had been adopted and today, she wasn't there anymore! So then I googled her name, and here she was! I'm so happy to know that someone is spending time with her one on one, cause like you said, she's very shy. I've just recently moved into my own place again in Timmins, and I've been wanting to come back and get her. But of course, I want to make sure that things are going well before creating another big change for her. If I can re-adopt her, where can I find her?

  6. Hi Renée! Wow, what a small world. I'm sorry I didn't see your post until today. Unfortunately, I'm uncertain on Meekah's whereabouts, but I can do what I can to find out for you if you'd like (I'll be popping into the SPCA tomorrow). If you're interested in re-adopting her, you can call the SPCA downtown at 705-566-9582. They'll be able to tell you any information on her for sure.
    She was a little sweetheart. I'm certain that if you aren't able to take her back, she'll find a home pretty quickly. She made her way into my heart very easily :)

  7. Thanks alot! I'm so happy to know she was getting some love, it broke my heart to leave her there! I still have to feel out my situation to see if re-adopting her is best for her sake. If I could be selfish, I'd take her back in a minute but she might be alone alot and I wouldn't want that for my little sweetie. Thanks again :)

  8. Renée,
    The SPCA still has Meekha. But, I hate to tell you, that they've currently got her in quarantine because she got infected with ringworm (I bet it was from the one cat I was dealing with a while back). They're getting her fixed up though, so hopefully she'll be back on her feet soon!

  9. Sorry... Meekah* (I have no typing skills, apparently :P)

  10. Oh no! :( Well, at least she's being taken care of! Thanks so much for the update, I really hope everything works out so I can go and snatch her back up :)

  11. Hi again!

    So I'm just getting settled into Sudbury again mid-December and I decided to call the SPCA to see if Meekah had been adopted. And they said she has :( Any idea if it was to a good home??? I hope so!


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