Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture Day

I'll be going away tomorrow morning until sometime on Wednesday, so I won't be getting any pictures or posts in until about Thursday.

Things are still going well over here, so again, not a whole lot to report - except for maybe a comment about yesterday's post. After pretty much confirming that Elle is a girl, while she snoozed this morning, I took a reeeeally good look, and well, now I'm second guessing myself AGAIN. Hah! Oh well. So, that's honestly still be determined. I figure if she turns out to be a boy in the end, we'll call him Elliot. :D (whew, SAFE!)

Okay, so, here's a load of pictures. I'm thinking that maybe on Thursday when I'm back from my trip and taking pictures, I'll take the kittens into a nicer area than under the desk to take some shots. They're moving around a lot now, so I'm thinking they may be almost fully walking by the time I'm back.

"Whatchya got in that there dish, mama?"


  1. eep, that one pic about halfway through with the kitten flopped on the bare floor... but then he makes it to the food dish, how cute!

    elle still has the funniest ears.

    is your boy going to keep up with wesley's feedings and care? daddy!

  2. Hee, synchronized snoozing!

  3. I still think, "Spock!" every time I see those ears! Gaaaahhh they're just so cute when they creep around. The dish shot was priceless!

  4. Angie, yep. He said he's fine to be up with the feedings during the night! (haha, he has no idea what he's getting into)

    I totally see the Spock ears, too. I tossed around the idea of even keeping that name for if she ends up being a boy (though I know Doug will always call him/her Litterhead no matter what)
    I just spent a good twenty minutes playing with them up there. She LOVES those big floppy ears pet!

  5. So many cute pictures! Hope your trip is for pleasure ~ good luck to Doug looking after the babies himself!

  6. Unrelated, but you must see this now!

    I wish I could find the original on YouTube. The caption for this video should be a giant "NO WAI!!!"

  7. Everyone looks terrific! Especially those little furballs who have grown so much :).

  8. Those are some seriously adorable pictures!


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