Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rosie Introduced

And here she is...

This picture is from the first night she was here. I had moved the desk over a crack so I could see her (much to her dislike), and this is the only picture I took, because I didn't want to scare her.
Picture taking is still a bit of trouble now, but we reorganized the desk space last night, so now I can monitor how things are going with her a little better. And, I took a couple quick shots of her. She's not doing much moving around, she's just basically lying there looking lazy and maybe even a bit uncomfortable with that belly. So, this is more of what it looks like with her now...

She seems like she's getting to know me a little bit. She doesn't get up or look worried when I'm near her now. I've been bringing her some nummy wet kitten food, and even though she won't eat around me, she still seems like she's starting to understand that I'm no threat to her (she still gets a little concerned looking when someone else is in there with me though).
She's been lying on her side like that a lot. Between the two beds I have out for her, of course. I'm not sure how I'm going to convince her she should move to the box when she's ready to birth, because she seems to want to lie on the hard floor. Any suggestions? I still don't want to approach her or touch her if she doesn't want to be touched. Maybe just leave her for now, and hope that she figures it out for herself?

Anyway, I'll try to get some closer ones of her soon. She seems to look at me funny with the camera, so I only take a couple and pick the best one to post. But, at least you all know what she looks like now.

I'm open to any tips on what more I could be doing for her, and anything to make her more comfortable while she's waiting (since all she's doing is lying around). It's been a long while since I've had a pregnant cat around, too, so I'm also open to any advice on birthing, etc.

Yoko is doing great, too. She has no idea Rosie is here. And she's enjoying that we're sitting in the kitchen by the big sunny windows with her. We've got 'her' electric blanket out on one of the chairs, so she's one happy kitty. :)


  1. Rosie looks so sweet! I bet she's going to be a good mamma! Soon she will be cuddling up to you I am sure.

    Yoko looks so comfy cozy soaking up the sun. We have sun here today too. Banjo is laying in front of the livingroom window ~ taking it all in! :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I remember our litter..Rocky had it in the closet..they like privacy. Maybe get a big cardboard box cur an opening in it and put the bed in it...Good luck..:)

  3. Maybe you could put a soft blanket on the floor beside her. If she won't go in the bed/box to give birth, she can at least make a nest with the blanket if she wants to.
    While she's labour, she may purr. That's not because she's having a good time. They sometimes purr when they're having painful contractions. I don't know why - maybe purring releases some sort of relaxation hormone.
    Is she using a litter box?

  4. I put a soft blanket near the cushy bed (to her right), but she doesn't seem interested in it.
    I'm thinking that she could be having mild contractions now (do cats get Braxton Hicks?), because she keeps shifting her weight and looking like she's really uncomfortable.
    She is using the litter box and eating no problem. I moved everything nice and close to her so she doesn't have to go far.

  5. She looks like a sweetie! I am sure you are doing everything you can to make her feel at home. I bet time will do the rest. :-)


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