Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Much News!

I don't even know where to start!

Hmmm.. well, let's see. To start, I suppose, I'm officially off from my previous job for approximately 3 weeks from this coming Monday (to start in the new place on March 29th, I believe).

Today, I spent the day with the Petsmart kitties (pictures below), as I usually do on my day off. Tomorrow is just a relax and clean day at home.

The best news is this.
When I got home, I got a phone call from a woman from Pet Save telling me that they had a pregnant cat that they just sent to a foster home (this is different from the SPCA mommy from a couple weeks ago). She had been found with another cat at the time, both of them far under-nourished. She didn't realize that either of them was pregnant, because they are/were so thin. To her surprise, she realized that the one was definitely pregnant (this being the one that just went to the foster home). The other, she is still uncertain if she is also pregnant. But, she was hoping that I would take her anyway. Of course, my first instinct was "YES"... though, with my 3 weeks off, and a possibly plan to go away for a while before starting my new job, I had to hesitate.
I told her I would have to call her back.
So... the discussion commenced this evening over dinner. Both of us want to help out, and we've waited so long to be able to foster again... it was a tough decision, because we've also want to take a bit of a vacation. But, with the thought that this kitty cat being ill from being so malnourished, and Pet Save not being able to hold onto her in case she's pregnant... we decided we just couldn't say no.

Therefore, I called her back an hour later and told her we'd take her.
We're picking her up tomorrow :)

We have company this weekend, who will be taking over the foster room, but we've decided that we're going to let this kitty have run of our computer room for the weekend. I'm supposed to hear from them first thing in the morning, and I'll find out what time I'll be picking up the kitty. We're going to take all of Yoko's belongings out of here, as well as our computers (we have laptops, so that will be easy), and set up beds and toys and food and so on for the newbie.

I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, but I know that something out there has given me this opportunity because I will be home for the next few weeks to tend to this kitty. And, I'm happy to do so. A vacation could be on hold for us, but that's okay. :)

I'll be in touch tomorrow for updates!

For now... Pictures!

What a lovely girl she is. Purrs on immediate contact. Snuggly and adorable.
I have no doubts she's going to get picked up in the very near future.
Has clipped ears. I'm not fully certain on the story behind why, but I felt pretty darn sorry for the big guy.
He took a little time to let me come around to him. Then after some sweet talking, he rolled over on his belly with big purrs, demanding for petting.

I just can't resist the lion cut on kitties. GAH. Makes me fall over dead from the cute.
He looooved playing with a mousie with me. He's going to be great for a fun home.

I fell in love with another one.
Super mild mannered, loving, cuddly, gorgeous, and just... an all around super cat. He would've let me hold him for forever if I let him. He is going to make someone very happy. I would adopt him myself, if I could.
I'm disappointed with my pictures of Celest. I was in a bit of a hurry while snapping them today.
She is stunning to see. I adore Torties so very much, and she definitely rocks the spots well.  
At least you get to see those big yellow eyes! 
She was the youngest of the bunch today, at 9 months. I'm assuming she'll be adopted in no time.

Bailey (orange) & Chloe (tabby)
To be adopted together, because they are brother and sister. They really need a good home. I felt pretty sad for the both of them. They're 10 and 13, and both were a bit skittish. It's no place for older cats to be...(well, it's no place for any cat to be, but you know what I mean). I really hope they find a home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
There's always one I don't remember the name of :(
I know her name has a "V" in it, unfortunately, I don't remember the rest.
She stayed in her cage the entire day, hiding out. This girl did NOT want to be here. But, you could tell from the sweetness in her eyes that she was a nice cat. I hope that someone finds that in her soon...

My bratty little Rocky. Been with the shelter since September, because, well, he's a bit of a jerk! heehee
Though! With that being said, he always gets some lookers because he really is a pretty looking fella. And, I know, deep down, that once he gets taken away from the shelter, into a home without cats, he's going to be an AWESOME pet. His one-on-ones with me have come a long way. I have high hopes for him.
Just look at those linx ears. How can you not just fall over from the cuteness?
And in that top picture, I took a million of him rolling all around and bonking his head on things every time I talked to him. He was a bit shy to come out of his cage because of the other kitties (he hasn't been there that long), but you can tell that he has a lot of potential. 

And that's it for now!
I'll be back to post as soon as I get more information
Til then!


  1. oooh, what i wouldn't give for 3 weeks off! enjoy it. and can't wait to meet your new ward.

    what a handsome crew! bailey and chloe look like they've had it pretty rough though, so hopefully someone super loving will find them.

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! So glad you said yes to fostering in your 'tween time. (I once took three weeks between jobs, too, and it was great... no worries about what I was going to come back to!)

    Can't wait to hear more... and loved seeing the crew. You have some wonderful kittehs there... hope good furever beans come flowing in!

  3. That IS a lot of news! Exciting stuff. Love the photos -- Maddy's face is so darling. I think she's my favorite in this round!

  4. Oh my ~ you and your hubby ~ what wonderful big hearts you have giving up a bit of a vacation to take the mom kitty! You are the best!

    So many sweet kitties waiting for adoption ~ I hope they all find a home soon!

    The RBC huh? Good for you. Indeed I work in an FI as well. Credit Union.

    Hmmm...competitors by trade, friends my choice! LOL! :)

    Good luck with new kitty ~ I'll be waiting for pictures!

  5. Yay for your job, yay for the mom kitty and yay for you for being such a devoted cat lady! :-)

  6. I do feel sorry for the older ones at Petsmart, that were given up from a home, not rescued from the street. We talked our shelter organization into a discount once for a pair like that, because after all the shelter had not had to spay them, and we really wanted them to stay together. We think it helped.


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