Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy weekend!

Lacking in the posting department because I've been swamped with stuff going on this weekend (sorry!).

Didn't get many pictures taken either, unfortunately. But, things have been good around here.

We've begun transitioning Litterhead's name. Her name will always be Litterhead to us... but now it has slowly worked it's way from L.H. (because it sounded nicer), then L (or Elle).. and finally found myself calling her Ella. Which is a pretty name, if she is the female that I think she is. So, Litterhead, L.H., L, Elle, Ella... there'll be a variety of names referencing her on here until we've solidly verified she's a girl (I'm almost certain she is though).

Wesley is doing fantastic. He's socializing and rolling around with Ella now, and mama Rosie takes good care of him when he's with her. The only thing that's still lacking is the nursing, but I'm still keeping on top of it. It's nice that he's getting a little older now (2 weeks tomorrow morning!), because he's sleeping longer and eating more (not eating 2ml every 2 hours anymore - it's now about 5ml every 4 hours). He's almost 8 ounces and climbing. I believe Ella is almost 9 (but I didn't get to weigh her today)... but he's catching up!
His coat is really shiny and soft, and he's really turning into a real sweet looking boy. Still has a huge set of vocal cords though! Definitely louder than his sister, and more demanding. I'm eager for him to get bigger, cause I have a feeling he's going to be a ham when he's older!

Here's a quick (and not-so-great) picture of the family this morning. :)

On Friday, I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floors(and cables) in there, reorganized my desk to it's original position, and moved them down into a new spot (Rosie fought it a bit, but I think she's happier there now, with no computer cables in her way). I put the blanket on the floor in the little space, which lasted a few hours before she moved it again. She really loves her hard floor that girl. That's okay though, it's still nice and warm in there, so I'm not too worried. And the kittens go out and lie on the blanket when they want to.

Oh! One last thing... More about Ella. She comes when she's called now, too! I was lying on my stomach on the floor right in front of the blanket that you see in the picture and calling her name, and she crawled right over to me and put her head on my arm. She's so calm and sweet. She's gonna be motoring around that room in no time, I just know it! :)


  1. When you embiggen the pic you can see them well enough, kittykye! Isn't it funny about cats and computer spaghetti. Several of my fosters have chosen that spot (and REFUSED to move out of it) after surgery. I wonder if the tangle somehow makes them feel protected?

    I love Ella for a name! And it's a nice progression, too! Glad to hear the little family is making such good progress weight and socialization wise!!

  2. Aww, that's great news! So glad Wesley is catching up and Ella sounds like she's doing great too. And Rosie's being a good mommy now. Hurray!

  3. Oh, the little fuzzballs look just like their mum! It's lovely to hear that Wesley continues to thrive and that Rosie is getting used to that whole mothering thing. Whoever adopts Ella will have a great story to tell about her name! :-)

  4. Wesley, Ella and Rosie ~ so nice they have become a little family! Too funny that Rosie doesn't like anything but the hard floor. Oh well. I guess it makes her happy. You will have so much fun once Wesley and Ella start playing more!

    xxoo Catherine

  5. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  6. So glad to hear things are working out nicely!


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