Friday, March 12, 2010

Wesley - Day 5

Just a quick post today to report on what's going on.

This morning, Wesley's diarrhea increased, and it appeared he was suffering from it. His crying went on for much longer than usual.. and stroking his belly was the only thing to soothe him - so I concluded that it's possible that it could be more of a virus than just having trouble digesting the formula.

He was originally sucking the eyedropper quite well, and would take in a full 2ml every two hours. His appetite has decreased to about 1ml (and absolutely refuses any more), and it's like he's suddenly forgotten how to suck, so I have to spend a lot more time doing it drop by drop on his tongue, hoping he'll swallow.

Since I haven't heard anything from the shelter, still (and I tried again today with no answer)... I've decided to take him in to the vet anyway. I really don't want to lose another one. Which is making me feel a little better, to get a professional opinion.

I'm also taking Oscar with me..... they'll do a little procedure for his remains... which, sigh, has been a bit tough for me to think about right now. It's going to be hard to say goodbye....

I have to leave in an hour, and need a stool sample, so I better start getting organized. Here's a couple pictures of Wesley this morning, as he roamed his box.


  1. I'm so glad you're heading to the vet. It will give you peace of mind. Wesley looks so sweet and warm in the pics. If you haven't left yet, you might consider taking Rosie and the 3rd with you. She may have something wrong that's not obvious. Love'n'headbutts from everyone at Space Paws.

  2. oh pics! and i see some on yesterday's too. wesley is adorable! that fuzzy little face is just precious.

  3. I have been lurking here because I did not have any of the IDs to file a message, but I have been reading your posts for weeks so got a gmail account to respond. You have touched my heart with your efforts to help Rosie and her babies. I pray that the vet visit will help. Whatever happens, please know that you are doing everything humanly possible for this little family. Hugs to you for all you do for the kitties. Webbthistle


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