Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Late Post - But with Important Info!

Been doing a little catch up on some things since yesterday was busy with St. Patrick's Day and my niece's 1st birthday, so today's post is a little late.

A couple things I want to touch on....

First of all, recently I've come across some information about KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement by PetAg). I'm not sure how many other foster parents out there have heard anything about the tainted powdered formula -- but apparently it's a pretty serious issue. At first, when I came across it, I did a quick search on what I could find, and the one thing I read said it was a false accusation against the company, so I disregarded it. Wesley had been doing fine, and I didn't really notice anything wrong with it, so I just continued to use it.

But today, I happened to stumble on someone else mentioning it on their blog - Stacey Chen over at (go there if you haven't, great site), so it got me thinking to look it up again, because I'm still using KMR.

Well, I found out that it really HAS been a problem, and for anyone out there who is currently using powdered KMR should be super duper careful to watch if it smells or looks funny. There's a great article and video found on this website. I encourage anyone fostering to have a quick read.

Luckily, the liquid formula has had no problems whatsoever... and that's what I've been using to date. I probably will continue using it, too, because it's helping Wesley gain like a champ. Plus it's easy to warm up during those 2am feedings. I have another powdered formula that I have been waiting to use, when I have more time and the kittens are a little older (just in case it's more difficult to digest), and I checked the directions on that one too (not PetAg brand)... Well - Something I have learned... Apparently all or most powdered kitten formula must be refrigerated before or after opening. I wouldn't normally think a powder would need it, and I'm glad I learned about this BEFORE I used it.

So, anyway, with that being said, the next on the list is Wesley and his super gaining-weight-ness!! Since last Thursday, a mere week ago... he has doubled in weight!! Today, he is a wonderful 6.2 ounces!!! Hurrraaaaaaayyy! And he looks great and is sweet as a button :)

Here's a picture of him when I got in from a relaxing (and much needed) dinner out tonight:

He was fast asleep like that in his box. He loves to sleep on his back, and seems to be most comfortable in that position.... gah. He's just SO cute.

And for kicks, here's a video of him a little later after a feeding. He's totally chilled out in a little nest of blanket:

Well, I'm off to do a little blog reading, since I'm a bit behind. I'll try to get more pictures in tomorrow!


  1. :thunk: Wesley is just so adorable... and that is awesome news on the weight front! Is he trying to nurse, too??

    Wow, between this and being pointed to both kittenmom and twomamacats today, I'm on serious cute overload!!

    And thanks for the PSA!

  2. What a tiny, helpless creature! He looks like a little baby monkey. :)

  3. How wonderful that wee Wesley is bulking up and looking so strong ~ and cute!

    I hope you had a nice time getting out of the house and relaxing a bit. I'm a bit behind on my blog reading as well ~ I hope to catch up this weekend! Hope you have a good one!

    xxoo Catherine

  4. Thank You Thank You for taking the time to do a little investigation of your is all false..the accusations against PetAg, KMR or any FDA investigation.This is a hateful,fraudulent attack by a vindictive lady. She is currently being scrutinized and likely will be handed some charges for her malicious attack. My greatest fear is people will decide not to use KMR(& use what else?-unhealthy sub-quality replacements or a home recipe that will likely create MBD). I pray for the well being of orphaned raccoons and kittens this spring people do as you did and come to an intelligent decision. Thank you.
    Annie Wilczak
    Member: NWRA,NYSWRC
    Wild Blue Yonder Wildlife Rehab & Release
    “Our foster wild baby animals helping to raise funds for their continued care”
    NYS –RVS- amended Wildlife Rehabilitator; class II
    Primarily Raccoons & Skunks –but there is always a soft spot for the other small, furry babies.
    NYS licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control

  5. someone is in desperate need of a bath! what a little doll!

  6. Making my weekly kitty blog rounds and am DELIGHTED to hear all the great news about your darlings. Especially thrilled that Rosie is getting into her role as a mama.

    Great work, kittykye!


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