Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Night, Sunny Morning

I'm starting to understand what being a mama is like ;)

So, I've been up every second hour with the wee one ~ Feedings, poopings, etc. S/he's such a good little eater, and looks terrific this morning. Me, on the other hand, well I'm just gonna grab me some extra strong coffee...that's all I'll say ;)

Just as I was starting to fall back asleep after my 7:00am wake-up... at 8:00am, Doug poked me in the ribs. I thought he was just getting up, but when I opened my eyes, he was just sitting there looking at me... waiting for me to listen.

It was the littlun crying, really loud... I thought it was just lost in a cold spot in the box and couldn't find stuffed mommy-cat in there again. But, as I stood up out of bed, I realized.... that's not the first littlun! That's coming from Rosie's room!

So, I slowly crept into the room, and there was another baby with Rosie! All wet and covered in litter (my guess was that she had it in the litter box)... Rosie didn't seem to be paying attention to this one either, but I'm going to leave her be with it for now and hope instinct kicks in the second time around. It's nice and sunny and warm in the room now, so I'm not concerned about the babe being on the hard floor (where Rosie likes to be, it seems) as much as I did with the first. I checked in again 15 minutes later, and it looked like the baby had latched on to her. I'm hoping that she'll take to this one more. I'll go back in to check on things closer to 9:00... and if things are going well, and baby is nursing, I may see if she'll accept Baby 1.

Here's a little vid I captured of my cutie waking up. The bubbling in the background is the coffeemaker....
Speaking of which.... I better go have some of that ;)
Enjoy! And more to come as I know!

Just a quick update... There are a final THREE babies!!!
Mama Rosie and her three (yep, even Number 1) gray babies are all happy and warm and nursing. Rosie looks so much more relaxed now. :) Keeping an eye on things every 45mins-1hr, and so far so good.


  1. Poor wee thing, rooting for milk in the stuffed animal. She looks healthy though, thanks to you. Good job! :)

  2. So tiny and weird! Fingers crossed that Rosie and her babies do well. :-)

  3. It's so small, but looks remarkably strong. Best wishes to the babies, Rosie, and you as well!

  4. Wow! Poor Rosie that she was so freaked out. But now that she's nursing all three, everything will be fine!

  5. Just saw the update - wonderful news! Well done!

  6. wow!!! so far apart. but YAYYYYYYY for the new mama and babes!!! glad everything is as it should be. whew!

  7. Yay mamma Rosie! So glad it's going well so far. Hopefully everything will be alright. Hope you get some sleep tonight ~ if not ~ more coffee tomorrow I guess! :) Sleep tight! Keep us posted!

  8. I am so glad all the babies are out and that mama seems to be taking things a bit more seriously.I hope they just go from strength to strength,and can't wait to read about them some more!


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