Sunday, March 7, 2010


Omg, the babies are coming. One is out already! A little nervous because mama Rosie seems to be very frightened at the situation. All I can hear right now is the screeching of a baby kitten. Yayayayaya! I hope everything is going okay. I'm gonna run out now and pick up a few "just in case" supplies.

Back with updates as I know!

Good news... and bad news...

Rosie isn't accepting her baby.
Sadly, she left the little squirt, cold and limp on the hard floor after about two hours. After multiple tries to put the littlun under her nose and by her belly...... and all being unsuccessful (and she even ran away in fear of it)... we had to get a warming pad and dry the baby off ourselves (I couldn't believe how cold it was) :(. I trimmed the cord and sac and got some kitten replacement & an eyedropper (slim pickins for a Sunday evening)... and baby is now moving and warm and comfortable (thank goodness....)
It's been a stressful couple hours here. Still nothing else from Rosie. We're keeping our fingers crossed that this kitten will be the only one.
I think it's going to be a long night of worry for this squirt. I'll keep everyone updated as I go along.



  1. Awwww.... poor little mite, & it's so cute too! Good luck with it. If anyone can be a substitute mother to it, you can. Keep it cuddled up in the blanket & stroke it every now & then to make it feel like it's mother is licking it.

  2. Followed over here from Hubble Space Paws. Pulling for you, Rosie, and baby! my kitty is named Rosie the Riveter, so I think you've chosen a perfect name.

  3. Yes, if you can believe it, I just went to a lecture on Friday and it centered around the mothering care and how it can change the expression of your genes and change your whole psychological nature. They did the study in rats, and measured the licking/grooming by the mother. They also showed that "simulated" licking/grooming will have the same effect as the real deal. And the more, the better! Good luck Lynds! You got a cute litte bugger there!

  4. Lynds ...just remember to rinse off your tongue after all that licking...Yuck!!! ;)

  5. omg omg omg!!! that was quick!! hope she comes around to her baby, but omg how cute!!!

  6. Aw Dad, I should've known it was going to be you to make a comment like that! The key was "SIMULATED"!! :P

  7. Poor wee kitty! Hopefully mamma catches on soon!


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