Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back! But still a little behind...

What a trip! Left on a 4 hour drive on Tuesday (got super lost, so it really took 5 hours), then drove all the way back (6 hours this time because of a fun detour) yesterday morning. It was a nice little break, and lots of fun. Good to be home though! I missed my babies!

Still had company up until a couple hours ago, so I'm still a little behind on all my blog-reading and picture taking... which is what tomorrow morning will be for. Right now I'm just vegging in front of the TV with my feet up. Had to do some shopping today to get some work clothes, as I start my new job on Monday (where did the past 3 weeks go???).

L/LH/Elle/Ellie/Spock is certainly a boy.
Haha... Man, how many takes is it going to be before I decide?
I'm sure now though. The... um... "beans" that have appeared under his legs have given him away. ;)
The name still gets bounced around though. Poor guy. He has all these nicknames because we've waited so long. So, I'm taking suggestions. Should we keep him as L (Elle)? Maybe go with Spock? I call him L all the time, and Doug will probably always call him Litterhead forever, but...but...that's no name for a sweet little guy like him. I really like how everyone on here thinks of him as Spock, and it goes along with the Star Trek theme. I've tried it out on him, but I have trouble not calling him Elle. My problem with Elle though is that I can't get out of my head that the name is too feminine (Elle is french for She)
So, I'm taking name suggestions/votes!

Here's a few pictures of Wesley that my sister took, and a few that I took of my friend (that was visiting) and him.

More to come tomorrow :)


  1. Eli? Elvis? Elliot? El Gato (the cat)?

    Trying to think of something that you could still call him El :)

  2. So glad you made it home safe and sound!

    Sweet little Elle... Ruelle... Royelle... Noel... Ellery... hmmm....Kitty???

    Good luck on finding him a name! :)

  3. Well, with those ears, I like Spock. But you could just go with "L." After all, Star Trek had its "Q." ;-) And that Wesley is such a cute little mush mouth!!

    Glad you're back... safely!

  4. Ohmigosh Lisa, I am impressed with the reference of Q in relation to L. I honestly think that is really freakin' awesome. I read that to Doug, and he laughed at it as well (even though it followed with, "I'm still gonna call him Litterhead :P) ~ *shrug* can't win em all. ;)
    L it is. I can't stop it. As much as I want to call him Spock, I know I should forget it. He's always going to be L to us, and the "L"/"Q" reference seals the deal! It's just too great!
    THANKS!!! :D
    PS: Love Catherine's and Sonia's ideas too though! Trust me, I didn't immediately dismiss them. Those names are also SO cute!!!!! Thank you! :D
    PPS: Is it silly to call a cat just one letter ("L")? :D

  5. Why not L? We've got tons of celebrities with single names. Why not a single letter? At least it isn't an unpronouncable symbol like a certain pop star went with for a while. ;-)
    And I keep thinking that Litterhead would be an interesting name for a band. :-)

  6. Letters are perfectly good names. I had one litter I named GG, JJ, L and QT.

  7. omg, i'm about to lick his face to clean him up, he is just that cute! and messy. lol!

    love l, and we'll always know it stands for litterhead. :D

    i was just at megacon, and data, geordie AND q were all there! it was awesome.

  8. Ah, the name game :). I like L! (But I'm partial to that letter for obvious reasons.) And my family has gotten into the habit of calling people by their first initials (my sister J, my husband D), so it's not totally unheard of ...?


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