Monday, April 26, 2010

Welcome to Poo Central

If you haven't been yet, please go visit Kitten Mom - Kittenpalooza. They lost another two kittens to Parvovirus yesterday (in addition to little Sommerset last week)... :(  She could probably use some of your kind words.
It's so awful to see such sweet little kittens have to go through all these horrible illnesses. I can only hope that Jane and crew are doing okay... I know how hard and sad it can be.


Our boys are on their own today for the first time.
We have to change our routine because Doug's job won't allow him to go home at lunch for the next few weeks or so. And because we wanted to wait another week to determine what to do about them, we had to improvise on what to do during the day (for 10+ hours).
So, they're currently locked in the large dog cage: warm bedding in the middle, two non-tippable dishes of the formula/pate goo on one side, and a big pan with paper-towel (my homemade puppypad) on the other side.

We did a test run yesterday, and my only complaint was the litterpan. I tried everything, and eventually gave up on the litter part of it altogether because it just doesn't work for kittens with CH. After 6 baths each throughout the course of the day, I said enough was enough. So I just covered it with papertowels (but even that isn't perfect, cause they still roll in it).
It's frustrating because even though there's no climbing anywhere involved, they still can't seem to manuever themselves to get into the box and out again without getting just PLASTERED in pee and poo. I know I'm going to have to do some serious bathing when I get home tonight. Sigh.... It's totally becoming poo central in there. Where it comes from, I DON'T KNOW? They're tiny, but hoo-boy, can they output. And it's not nice little logs either, it's runny-gooey-kitten-formula-paste poo... and you could seriously drywall your house with it.

They've luckily got the food thing down though. Both are officially eating out of the dish on their own - even though they roll in THAT too. And instead of the bowl of water I had in there originally (which lasted about 2 minutes before L flopped into it and got soaked), I just watered down their food a bit. I'm confident they'll eat enough, as long as they don't drag poo into it from the other side of the cage.

I'm actually really worried about how they're doing... and I hope that we'll be able to keep this routine up for this week. After this week, or even after today, if it doesn't work out, I have no clue what to do.
In the past weeks, I would have just said to take them with us(well, with Doug) to work - and thought that could be a possibility for this week - but now they're getting too big, and they eat and poop too much to keep and eye on, and I just can't see how it could be possible.

If they don't learn to manage going to the bathroom unattended, and in the appropriate spot (Wes still insists to just go wherever he is lying/sitting at that point - which is such a weird behaviour for a cat), we won't be able to keep them much longer. So, please, continue spreading the word!

Which reminds me, I have made contact with another potential adopter via Facebook. Again, I'm not pushing this individual, because the litterbox thing is going to be a HUGE issue for anyone. And I know that's going to be a problem for anyone with other pets and/or a house with carpeting (we're lucky right now, cause I just have to scrub poo from the hard flooring). So, no guarantees... but it's wonderful that we are getting some people who are possibly willing to take them.

I may be back tonight to add to this post (there's something else I want to add - but I don't have the information with me at work)... so I'll let you know how it turned out with the boys. Somehow I think I'm going to need to invest in a firehose after today... :P


 This is what I wanted to post:

Jan's Funny Farm posted a lovely email that I received from a really nice woman, Evelyn, from a week ago. She told me her story about her cats Deter and Dusty and how they all dealt with CH in their home. 
I wanted to share it all with you and make a public post to both Evelyn and Jan's Funny Farm for their story, and their post that included our boys' story too. :)

(PS: Also, for any of those wondering, yes, I did have to come home to a cage full of poo, and bathing all around.... may pose for a long week....)


  1. ((HUGS)) Not much help I know, but as a parent and a pet parent I know full well that no matter what anyone says, you'll be worrying and thinking about them throughout the day. So all I can offer is some virtual hugs and hope that when you are thinking about them that you'll know you're also being thought about, and that your friends of the interwebz are sending you all the love they can.

  2. That's got to be so frustrating, kittykye. I feel for you. Thanks for passing the info on regarding the brood at Kittenpalooza.

  3. Hugs to you for being such a caring catmom. Your situation just breaks my heart. You are far stronger than I could ever hope to be! The kittens and your beautiful Yoko are so lucky to have you. I wonder if there is any way to fashion a small mesh chicken wire false bottom to the carrier so most of the stuff could fall through to the actual bottom?

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  5. Sorry, I had a typo. :-) Maybe little bitty kitten diapers? I'm sure they could be fastened somehow so they couldn't come off when they rolled around. Just a thought.

  6. Hang in there. It's amazing what a pair of rubber gloves and a LOT of patience can do. You are doing the right and the best thing. Keeping them safe, contained and protected. Good luck with them, they look a pair of perfect sweethearts.

  7. We'd send you some extra time and energy if we could, but we can't, so we send purrs, tail wags and hugs instead.

  8. The babies are very lucky to have you. I laughed at your drywall comment. I have two 4 week olds at the moment who seem to relish the opportunity to roll around in the box right after dropping off some gooey baby poop. It's some tough stuff to clean off!

  9. We know they are strong little ones and will make the most out of what's been handed to them. Sorry it's a poopie mess though.

  10. Hugs, purrs and prayers for you. Thank you for loving and taking care of these precious little ones.

  11. Oh, sweetie, thank you for posting about Kittenpalooza. I didn't get over there until late last night.

    I'm so sorry it was a rough day. I hope today was a bit better... and thanks for sharing the JFF post with us!!



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