Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Giving a Clear Message

Hey all...

I suppose I should have assumed that posting this kind of topic on the internet would ruffle a few feathers. So, I feel that I should take a brief moment to clarify a few things (and this is mainly going to a lot of the new readers out there that are coming over and only learning the basics without following the story ~ for everyone else, please just disregard).

I've received a number of people posting links to various helpful CH sites and forums. I thank everyone who has been helping and reaching out to us in every way, shape, and form. I urge anyone who is new to this site, to please read back to the beginning posts from where we first took in Rosie... because somewhere along the line, a message is being lost.

Euthanasia is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. And I assure you, we are not posting up here to say that this is the final conclusion to what we have decided and that's the route people with any CH cats should take. If anything, I think I've made clear that this isn't the case.

So anyway, here are the quick details for anybody who is confused. Because I've been to some forums, and received some comments and/or emails from people (not all negative, but definitely misinformed)... who don't seem to understand our situation.

1. We are foster parents.
2. We took in a mother cat from a local shelter (http://www.petsave.ca/), whom we believe was infected with Panleukopenia at some point in her pregnancy, without our, or the shelter's, knowledge.
3. She had 3 kittens, 2 survived. They are currently 6 weeks old. One has been hand-reared since birth because the mother rejected it.
4. About a week ago, they were diagnosed with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia.
5. We never intended to keep these kittens, even before we found out about the CH (we have a perma-resident cat who doesn't get along with other cats, hence the fostering - where we can keep them in their own foster room until they are ready to be adopted). In addition, once we found out they had CH, our house is not fit for kittens with this type of disability. We also work full-time jobs with a heavy summer-recreation schedule, therefore we wouldn't have the time to care for their every need. We can not keep them - hence, we need help! That is why we have reached out to this wonderful community.
6. One kitten has on-again-off-again diarrhea. He has been tested twice for parasites, and both came back negative. We don't believe he has parasites. He has had blood in his stool for about 2 weeks, and the shelter manager commented that it could be related to bowel irritation from the CH - We assumed that that was a possibility, but apparently people started getting all excited because we were "putting them down for this reason". That is not the case, I want to make that very clear. We just didn't know how to help with it if it was a factor. It could plainly be from diet, we are aware.
7. The shelter manager made the call last Saturday to euthanize. Not us.
8. We are doing everything possible to hold on to these kittens for now, hopefully go in and get a second professional opinion, and hopefully find homes for them.
9. Everything still needs to be discussed with the shelter, and currently, we still have no idea what kind of decision making we are allowed to make, if any.
10. If we can find them a caring home, TRUST ME, I will do everything in my power to make it happen. And I will kiss the adopters repeatedly.

Given other circumstances, we would keep these kittens ourselves. We have grown so close to them, and I love them like they were my own. If anyone has been reading my blog, or knows me personally, you'll KNOW I have the deepest love for cats. I wouldn't ever make a decision to euthanize without weighing ALL options. We are doing the best we can to AVOID this issue right now.

I apologize if my message is a little blunt, but I don't want people to get the wrong idea.


Okay, now that that's clear, onto other things. ;)

Some things definitely seem to be progressing with the boys. Such as last night. I witnessed L eating a piece of kitten kibble off the floor. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on my blog, or maybe just commented individually to a couple people in email ~ but I've found him eating litter from the litter box a couple of times now (don't worry, non-clumping). No, he doesn't use the litterbox to pee in... just to chow down on. Typical kitten, imo :P

So, last night when I noticed him trying to chew on the single piece of kibble that Rosie had left behind on the floor, I thought, hey... I've read on CH sites that sometimes a good idea is to just put the chow right on the floor to see if they'll eat it there. So I took a handful and put it on the floor under his nose, and he started trying to eat them. Woo! Mind you, I don't think he actually DID eat any of them, because I don't think he's got the chewing thing down yet, but I figure I'll keep trying with him till he gets it. He did lick them a lot though.

I've tried the watered-down mushy-kibble in a bowl, but that doesn't work because of his condition either (as I've mentioned, he's on his side or back 90% of the time). And he'll lick some soft kitten pate from my fingers when offered (not always though - sometimes he turns up his nose). But, I think he's getting there.

I also witnessed something else strange with L and Rosie last night when I was feeding Wesley. I suppose because the little guy is growing so much, he's urinating a lot more. I can't believe the little arrangement he's got going on with Rosie. He lies on his side next to the desk where it's bare, and just lets it flow... She --follows-- him, wherever he goes, and drinks it all up... and I'm not talking a small puddle here. Poor girl. When I saw this happening, I helped her out by cleaning the rest up with baby wipes and kleenex. Explains why I've been coming home to strange 'dry' puddles on the floor every day. I doubt she'll keep that up much longer... and if we still have them at that point, who knows what we'll do. No way I'll get him to go IN the litter box. I may just have to try one of these 'puppy pads' I've seen people suggest. That may work for Wesley, too.

And oh god, the smell in there lately. Between that and Wesley's constant accidents all over the linen and floors, I can't keep up. I give all you CH(or other disabled) kitty owners out there that deal with this behaviour on a constant basis HUGE props. It's a lot of work. My evenings after work have become: Get in door, change into kitten-poo-friendly clothing, prepare and feed Wesley from bottle, mingle and conduct physiotherapy with both kittens (and play with Rosie), eat a quick dinner, say a quick hello to my own cat, wash floors and linen (this happens about every few days, but the linen is constantly being changed, and floors spot washed where necessary), get a post in & maybe some email.. then by that time it's pretty much feed Wesley again and go to bed. So that's what happened last night, all that other stuff had to happen, so I had to omit the emails/blogging.
I feel awful because I haven't been doing my rounds on everyone else's blogs lately. Catching up on reading when I can, but I don't come close to being able to answer. :(

More possible good news, is that I've had one or two people say that they're interested in adopting! Now, I'm not going to get excited yet, because we're not exactly 'next door' to any of these people... but, at least it's a start. Gotta get to my emails so that I can figure out a little bit more.

Another thing in regards to that. As I said in my first little blurb above (#9), I don't know what adoption actually can happen yet. I still haven't heard anything from Pet Save on 'her decision' yet... so, really everything is still really up in the air. I have no idea what the policy is when they've made a decision on their end to euthanize....but I can only hope that they'll follow the normal adoption protocols for their kittens, if someone is interested (I'm actually pretty sure they would... I just don't know what kind of billing is needed... and how it works with neutering and shots, etc). But, when she calls me, and we hopefully have a real solid sounding person interested, I'll be getting the full details on what to do. If I hear from her before I have someone, well, I suppose it'll still be up to the shelter's discretion - and we'll still bring the kittens into the vet next Thursday.

Anyway, guess that's all I can think of for now.
I've been debating whether to post pictures or videos or not... just because I don't want it to be awkward if something does happen with the shelter in the future... but I figure I should keep it up in case someone sees them and it makes them interested to adopt.

If you are looking to adopt this kittens, please contact me at kyestera{at}hotmail.com as soon as possible!


  1. (((kittykye))) You have gone above and beyond in caring for these precious babies. Know you have our complete support and understanding!

  2. My heart, it melts! Oh, such gorgeous little faces! Thank you for posting these photos, and for the update on the progress Wesley and L are making.

    Please don't feel bad about keeping up with blogs and whatnot, you've got your hands full with very important duties; I'm sure no one could resent you for that. Bless you for everything you're doing, you're absolutely amazing! (((hugs)))

  3. I am so sorry that on top of the stress of trying to figure what's best for your fosters that you're also having to field negative emails! Sending you lots of support from afar... Take care!

  4. Good lord! Those faces!! I am so impressed not only with what you're doing for the little ones, but that you take the time to share this information.

    You're doing everything absolutely right. I have such respect for you and your commitment to these boys. Would that all animals in need were so fortunate.

    Please don't feel obligated to spend more time than you can afford to keeping us informed. We know you're doing everything you can and will be here when you are.

    AND I know of an adult kitty who has had "elimination issues" all her life. She not only wears a diaper, but keeps it on with a premie size onesie! How cute is that?

    Much positive energy to you all.


  5. I really hope that the appointment on Thursday goes well. I'll be thinking about you and those sweet boys.

  6. You know you are doing all the right things friend. It will be OK. Everything will turn out as it was meant to be.

    Sending you lots of love and support,
    xo Catherine

  7. Negative comments can seem so much louder than positive ones, so keep that in mind. No matter what happens to these sweet little guys, you should feel good about the dedication you put into saving them.


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