Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Sunday

This weekend has been pretty tame with events, so we're just taking some time to relax around the house in our pyjamas.

The kittens have been doing good. We've got Wesley eating from a spoon/bowl now, a kitten pate/formula mush (reminds me of what thick porridge looks like). He still needs to be held still, even though his body stiffens when he's eating 'cause he's concentrating so hard (which is really cute to see), just cause he obviously can't stand on his own. He's a trooper though. 

Yesterday I took all the blankets/towels out of the room, got down on my hands and knees, and gave the floor a good scrubbing. Let me tell you, caked on kitten poop does NOT smell good when combined with hot water.  *barf* :P
I put the kittens downstairs on the carpeted floor (wish I had taken pictures cause they were SO cute down there) while I was cleaning. They were rolling all around and playing with toys I put with them. Falling on their faces was a little easier on them on the carpet.

Rosie stayed in the room and watched me clean. At one point I left the door to the room open to air out/dry the floor and went downstairs to do laundry. As I came upstairs I heard Doug talking to Yoko - apparently she had gone in the room and stood right in front of Rosie. They just stood there, looking at each other. No growling, no hissing, just "who the heck are you?". Once Doug saw Yoko in there, he said her name and she ran out of the room. And that was it. She never seemed upset about it once. Pretty funny.

Actually, this morning, after I bathed Wesley (which I want to come back to), I took him to lie down with me on the couch 'cause it was still early and I was still tired. The two of us dozed for about an hour together (he LOVES to cuddle and purr, have I mentioned that? He's just sooo sweet). Anyway, Yoko was in her cat tree at the foot of the couch where we were and she was watching us for a long time. Eventually she jumped down and tried to lie on my legs, even though she knew Wes was lying on my chest. She doesn't seem upset with him at all, more just distantly curious. I'm guessing that she doesn't really see him as a threat right now.
She probably would have stayed on my legs, but I had a blanket on me that she doesn't like, so she just jumped back up into her tree.
I think she's definitely getting more mellow in her old age ;)

The bathing thing I wanted to mention...
Since Wesley still has many accidents (I can't always get him to go to the bathroom in the box, so he ends up covered in stuff really often - usually in the morning), he is getting bathed at least once a day. I've even trimmed his fur (L's too) all around the bum/tail area, just for easy cleaning.
His first few baths he would scream bloody murder during the whole time. This kitty HATES water. But, I'm finding the more I do it, the less he screams now.
The best thing I've discovered with the bath situation -- I used to just towel dry him and he'd never be fully dry... so I'd worry that he'd get a chill afterwards. So, I thought to try using the hairdryer on the low setting on him. I figured that he'd hate that even more, with the scary motor sound and all...

Well! Was I wrong. This kitten LOVES... like l.o.v.e.s. the hairdryer. It's probably his most favouritist thing in the whole wide world. He rolls on his back and throws his head back, closes his eyes... all while I massage his body and blow the warm air on him. He is just too cute. And he looks all fluffy, warm, and happy when I'm done. So, it's made bath-time a much nicer experience. :)
Anyone else have kitties that like this?

It was nice and sunny in the office/foster room today, so I thought I'd snap a few pics of everyone relaxing and playing in there. You may recognize the blanket they're on, too. For those readers that have been here for a while, that's "my" (aka Yoko's) blanket that I got for my birthday last year. I think I've used that thing a handful of times since I got it... the rest of the time it's been for purely cat-use. The kittens have officially taken it over now (but, I'm ok with that ;)).

And I had to get a little video too.. hopefully you can hear it. You may have to turn up the sound a bit. Wesley is the king of purrs. Ever since he was a baby, he always purrs when he's happy. Such a cutie :)

Have a relaxing Sunday.

The Boys at 7 Weeks Old:



  1. They have changed so much! They look so huge, then you hand comes into frame and you can see they are really still little guys. Great sunny pics Lynds. :-)

  2. I will soooo second Tara on that!! Hugs, honey... have a wonderful day!

  3. so cute! they're like normal little kittens! almost. special boys. :)

  4. Imagining Wesley getting a blow-dry made me burst with laughter - the boy certainly enjoys being pampered! They both look absolutely adorable.

  5. Kiddens! Thank you for being a kitten foster. I cherish my foster families. Without them, we would lose so many cats and kittens at our shelter. So thank you!!

  6. They are gorgeous little boys! So fluffy! And those eyes! I love that they can still play "smack" (batting at the toy). Have you tried putting them really close to each other to see if they can sort of play with each other somehow? I'm a long time reader, first time poster. :-) You are an amazing person!

  7. They are very cute and sweet kitties, and I loved the video of Wesley purring. I had a cat once with cerebellar dysplasia, which is less serious than what your little boys had. It really just affected her back legs -- she couldn't really jump, and she was a little wobbly -- sometimes if she took a corner too fast, she'd fall over. Her name was Mayflower, and she was a real love, though we had a special nickname for her that we borrowed from a washing machine: "Unbalanced Load." Your kitties are lovely and I'm sure some very special person or people will have the time and patience to offer them a furever home.

  8. These boys have known so much love. It's the best anyone could do for them.

    They're cute as cute can be.

  9. Aren't they just so cute ~ and growing so quickly! You are such a good mommy making sure they are clean and comfortable for the day.
    Hope you all had a terrific day!
    xo Catherine

  10. Such precious little boys. Their faces are absolutely gorgeous -- easy to understand how much you love them!


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