Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another quickie

Hi all,

Just wanted to comment on here quickly, just to let you all know that I'm here reading everything you've all posted for me! It's been busy lately, so I don't have time at night to follow up on my last post, and get back to all of you (minus the few that I have been able to email last night :))

I ---very--- much appreciate all the advice I've been given here. And the complete support that you are giving me - ohmygosh, again, I can't say enough how good it makes me feel to have people to talk to that can relate. Thank you all.

I want to touch on everyone's comments individually, and I promise to try to get a full post out tonight (pending that nothing else comes up) that does just that. I want to take a video or two for everyone, as well... so you can all SEE what's going on. Picture-taking has been low priority, just because when I'm in there with them - I'm trying to get Wesley to eat, and trying to do some physiotherapy with their walking. But I will make a strong effort tonight to do all that.

Just a quick update for those I haven't told already: We noticed blood in Wesley's stool last week, that had been coming and going up til yesterday. So, we brought a stool sample in again to check for worms/parasites -- and hurrah, it came back negative. Though we still got no answers on why he's bleeding - not so hurrah :(
So I made an immediate appointment for today at 2pm. Hopefully we'll find out more by then, and maybe get some answers to why they aren't walking.
Connie at Tails From The Foster Kittens mentioned that it could be Swimmer Kitten Syndrome. I thought that could definitely be a possibility, but upon reviewing what that actually entails, I don't seem to think it fully relates. Swimmers kittens usually have flat chests, which neither L or Wesley has. And our kittens don't quite "swim", but more, try to stand, wobble if they get that far, and fall to their side. To get places, L usually rolls or flops back and forth. I've seen both kittens pounce using their back legs, but then fall. The physio seems to help Wesley, as he can now stand while leaning against me, or if I'm guiding with a hand. But as soon as I let go, BANG, to the ground they go. I feel like I'm showing him how to ride a bike without training wheels. :P 
L spends most of his time on his side or back, and HATES it when I try to stand him up. He curls up in a ball and tries to bite me. So, I'm not sure what to do.
Anyway, said this would be quick, and now I have paragraphs on the go. So much to report though... I haven't even got to the whole 'eating' follow up :P
I'll be back tonight to continue, and to answer your comments from my previous post. I'll also let you all know how the appointment went.
Thank you all for your support. :) If even just to come and read and support from a distance. Hopefully some are learning with me with all of this, and that it could help other fosterers too. :)
Back soon!


  1. Thanks for the link to Hobbes House. We appreciate it.

    Crossing our paws and hoping the appointment goes very well today. The kitties are so lucky to have you as a foster. Thanks for sharing everything with us.

    Meg & Sue

  2. We are purraying that the results and visit all go well. And mom still has to get dad to read your prior post and offer and advise he may have. She'll "make" him do it tonight. Sorry for the know how men can be! LOL. Purrs to nosetaps to those little

  3. (((kittykye)))
    We're with you in spirit, always! Fingers, toes and everything else we can think of are crossed for you!


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