Monday, April 19, 2010

No word

This is going to be a very quick post, as we just walked in the door and have errands to do - but I just needed to pop in here quick to at least let everyone know where things are at.
First, don't be worried right now, we had no word from the shelter manager today. So things are still as is from the weekend.
We booked an appointment with that nice vet for next Thursday evening (I know, far away, but it was all they could squeeze in). So, our little guys will be peachy keen here with us in the meantime.
The boys are happy and playing in their room right now.
We're getting lots of wonderful email and blog-comments from everyone, that I'm a little backlogged in responding to (I am going to get back to ALL of you - but I apologize, it will be tomorrow. I'll have a lot more time then).
Doug and I have been tossing around some ideas - many are from the terrific ideas from everyone out there that's reaching out to us. We still can't be fully positive, because everything is still up in the air... But -- I'll fill you in more on what some of those ideas are in my post tomorrow.
So please hang tight, I am reading every word from every person and I just don't have time tonight to respond - but I promise to be dedicated tomorrow night (I'll have a nice relaxing computer night tomorrow ;))
Love you all! :)


  1. You don't worry about us friend ~ you do what you have to do. You know we are all thinking of you and you have our support!

    Take care,
    xo Catherine

  2. What Catherine said!! I am sooo glad folks are rallying around you with support and shared experience. (But not surprised! This is why I love our kitteh blog community.)

  3. I with the above. You are doing such a wonderful job. Take your time and do what you need to do

  4. We know that you will weigh all the options and make the best decision that can be made. We are all sending you hugs and purrs.

  5. Hi. I want to just weigh in here. CH does NOT cause bloody stools. I may be late to the game here, but has the kitty in question been tested for a parasite? In my experience, rescued kitties are most commonly afflicted by this and/or an infection that results from the parasite. Either way, ridding the kitty of the parasite and dealing with any secondary bacterial infection (if present - with the use of antibiotics) sets them on the right course. I guess the key thing is to point out that CH itself is not a reason to euthanize! Many CH kitties adapt and gain dexterity as they learn to exist within their environment.

    We have a CH kitty group on yahoo where you could get amazing feedback:

    Before you make a decision, join the group and post a synopsis ok? Hugs to the kitties and for all you do.

  6. We totally agree with HubbleSpacePaws. We will be here for you and take your time.

  7. Hi, my name is Ann and I live in Toronto. I have 5 ch cats and they are all doing fine. One of mine is severe and can not walk. He can run when he's exited and is playing but then crashes quickly. From your video, I would say that your kittens may have a chance to walk, as they are still young, but if not they can lead a wonderful life in their own way. If I could get your e-mail address, I could send you some pictures of them and their antics. I also know someone in Toronto who is looking to adopt a ch kitten, maybe two. My e-mail address is or you could phone me at 647-287-7965 or my work number is 1-866-694-6558, just ask for Ann. I just realized that I could post a picture and I sent you one with my cats watching their video. 4 of the cats in the picture have CH.

  8. I'm so pleased to see so many positive comments today. I am encouraged that there is hope for these boys to live happy lives ~ whever that may be.

    I know you've considered adopting them; and have you looked into rescues in your area for special needs kitties? There are some amazing people doing amazing things out there. Much like yourselves.

    Carry on! You're doing great.

  9. Hi there! I am sorry I haven't been back to see what popped up after I posted the link about swimming kitten. Looking at the videos I can sure see I was wrong about that. those look a lot more like CH.

    I know someone who has a CH kitty, I am going to send her the link to your blog and see if she can't help you out with more information.

    I wish the best for these little kittens, they sure are cuties!!

  10. Hi - I watched your videos. Definitely looks like CH! One thing to keep in mind as you are evaluating overall function and potential for function is that your two guys are still little babies. Kittens *without* CH are clumsy, developing their muscles and capabilities and learning their limits. While a CH kitty's function will always be different from that of a kitty without CH, they often DO adapt. I would expect that - once you've dealt with the stool issue (which I think is TOTALLY separate) - each CH baby will have function that can improve as their development progresses.

    They are precious. If, for whatever reason, you can't keep them, I feel pretty confident that someone from the CH Kitty list (which I linked in my previous post) can and will. They have a lot of experience with CH kitties. You can use the list to ask questions and get suggestions and - if needed - to ask for placement assistance.

    Skritches to the kittens.

  11. Hello!

    I also have a group on Livejournal,

    I foster kittens for our local SPCA, and our first foster litter resulted in one CH kitten, Sonya. Of the other kittens, two were normal and one died suddenly. We ended up adopting Sonya and her mother ourselves. She is now 5 years old and still going strong.

    I don't know why the CH would cause the bleeding, but Sonya had that too. In her case it cleared up on its own. I still don't know what it was from, since the CH affects the brain.

    I would suggest keeping them for a few more weeks. If the bleeding becomes very painful or severe, then you might consider euthing, but in my opinion the kittens deserve a few more weeks. Make sure they're getting lots to eat, I know that the procedure of getting Sonya to eat was a long, messy process. :)

    I suggest getting an old spoon and bending its sides so it's kind of like a funnel. Make sure the edges aren't sharp. Then you can put a slurry of food in the spoon, put your index finger and thumb around the kitten's head, and grip the front edge of the spoon in your fingertips. This steadies the kitten's head and allows it to eat the food that comes off the end of the spoon, without having to "divebomb" the wet food with a bobbly head.

    Eventually your kittens may only eat dry food, Sonya hates wet food and has resisted all our attempts to convert her to it.

    Best of luck, I'm going back to read the other posts now, I just caught up and wanted to comment quickly!

  12. Hi there. I have a CH kitty who will be 4 years old on Monday. She does not nor has ever had blood in her stools nor pain caused from her CH, CH ONLY affects their brains (motor skills) If you would like you or the shelter people can contact my father who is a Veterinarian and he can talk to them about CH. I have a 5 week old little kitten I am nursing back to health right now who had giardia, she had blood in her stool, she is a 'normal' kitten just had the giardia. She had parasite exams and it didn't show up, we are treating with Flagyl. She is already getting better after just 4 days of medications. My Mini Dee is just about as normal as my other cats, she just isn't as coordinated as they are, she is definitely though one of the SWEETEST cats I have ever met in my lifetime. She loves attention and she can climb stairs, jump on furniture etc.


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