Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another day

You are all wonderful people. As usual, your words of wisdom and kindness are helping us through this. The flow of suggestions, opinions, and stories from everyone are lifting our spirits.

Yesterday seemed like we were at the end of our rope. We battled with ourselves about the decision on what we should do. Back and forth on what would be best for them, and nothing seemed to be right. I think it's just beyond us to make this kind of decision.

So for now, when Jill calls tomorrow, we're going to try to buy a little more time, and see if we can get a second opinion.

Our vet, though close to our home, will probably not be our first choice. A long time ago, when I lived in the city, we had this wonderful veterinarian who was kind and gentle and understanding. He's about a 40 minute drive from where we are now, but I think I'm going to call him tomorrow to see if he can take us sometime during the week to look at the boys. I just can't fathom making such a serious decision before getting another opinion.

I know when I'm sitting in the room with the boys, they seem like they still have so much growing to do. Every day I see new hope that they (especially Wesley) will be able to muster enough strength to walk - if even just a little bit... but, I know my opinion could be biased, and as a couple people have mentioned - I could just be throwing my own emotions into it, because I want to see them succeed so much. And maybe it really isn't the best thing for them.

What do I want? Deep down? I want to keep them here. I want to hold on to that hope that they may come around. But maybe I'm just kidding myself.

So I suppose I'll just leave it at that for now. I've been given a couple of CH areas to reach out to online, that I plan to browse through today.

Thanks again for all of your help. I'll be in touch soon. ♥


  1. We are so sad for what you are going through. We know you will make the decision that is best for them, whatever it is. Obviously, you love them.

  2. So sorry that you're going through this. I hope the vet you were referring to is Chad. I think you'll be comfortable in trusting his opinion.
    Lots of hugs.

  3. So very sorry you and the boys are going through this. You will know in your heart what you need to do when and if the time comes. Know that these little guys have touched so many with their story. You are an angel.

  4. A second opinion sounds like a very wise idea! All the best!

    xo Catherine

  5. First off, lots of love to you.

    Having said that, I wouldn't want to have the fate of the kittens in anyone's hands other than yours. I am sure there is a reason you have this responsibility and I believe with all my heart you will make the right choice.

    You need to know this as well!

    Thoughts, love, purrs, and blessings to you!

  6. So, so awful. So so sorry.

    I am wondering if someone else's comment I saw here the other day may have been insightful: that perhaps the reason the momma was aloof with them is that she knew something was not right with them...

    About a year ago my husband and I were about to adopt the most amazing wonderful beautiful full-of-personality kitten at the Humane Society, but they said he'd been having a few problems and first they wanted to make sure he was OK. Every day we'd call and ask when we could bring him home and they said they weren't sure...finally after about five days they called me and told me he had some sort of (I don't remember what) extremely-difficult-to-treat internal urinary problem that they said meant he would likely always be in pain whenever he peed and that would be very hard on him...and that he might die from it suddenly at some point too. I sobbed and sobbed and finally told them (they were looking for my permission) to go ahead and euthanize him, as long as they could promise me there would be several people there loving him through the last moment, which they did (she was crying on the phone too).

    It may come to that with these two. I feel like it must be very frustrating for them too to be struggling so hard for physical balance all the time. Be as strong as you can. It sucks so much to have to make these decisions. Best of luck.

  7. P.S. I know I don't actually know you, but I feel a lot of empathy for you in this situation.
    One thing I wanted to add, I'm not religious but I tried to tell myself that the spirit that kitten had was so amazing that he would surely come back very soon in a stronger body for another go-round. It helped me a little.

  8. Hun, I can't imagine the heartache you guys are going through, I certainly don't envy your situation, and I know it's not easy. I hope that this other vet can help shed some light on your situation and assist in making the best decision for those boys. I'm thinking of you all, hang in there!

  9. Wow, that is a hard decision to have to make. I think you will know what to do, though - if nothing can be done to keep them out of pain, then you will know that you don't want them to live that way. If their case is worse than the cats you see on the websites, you can't hold yourself to a standard you can't ever achieve for your boys. You have put so much energy into them, you are all doing what you can.

  10. You might try emailing or calling Best Friends Animal Society. They have a few cats with nerological problems who live at the sactuary. Their vets might be able to give you some advice or direct you to resorces in the area. Their homepage is

  11. Hello, I'm a friend of Lisa who operates the Hubble Space Paws. After reading on her website about your babies I wanted to send you a link. My sister has used ordered from this website before and it has helped her bangle who is having recurring uti issues.

    They are located in Austrailia but they do provide alternatives when there seems to be no where else to turn.

    I hope everything works out for the best. Bless you for trying to help these babies.


  12. And it would help if I had actually give you the link! Sorry.

    It is

  13. Crossing my fingers about that second opinion and that any pain the boys are experiencing can be helped.


  14. So sorry to hear it! I do agree, if it is an avenue that you can pursue, that Best Friends' vets have experience in these kinds of cases.

    All kinds of hugs to another cat person.

  15. We are so sad you have to go through this. Whatever you choose, will be difficult. You are in our thoughts. (((HUGS)))


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