Thursday, January 28, 2010

Petsmart Visit Jan 28


Yes, again I have been lacking with the posting. This time it's not due to being busy or anything like that... I just plainly don't have much to talk about these days. And poor Yoko spends so much time in front of the camera, that I'm sure she gets sick of being the star on this website. :P

But, because I was at Petsmart today, I captured a few pictures of the kitties there. I apologize in advance that some of the pictures may look a little blurry, I didn't notice that my lens had had a cat nose pressed up to it at some point, and I guess it was a bit smudged. Most pics came out half-decently though.

His head is so big in comparison to his long lean body. He's very friendly, and loves his head scratched.
I took him for a walk on the leash and he dragged me all over the store. Everyone loved him, and many commented how obedient he was ("like a dog").

Still there from last week. Lots of people that are interested in her though. One lady has come in to see her 4 times, so I'm pretty sure she's going to eventually just give in and take her home.

And that she is. But, don't let that fool you. She really is a lovey underneath.

I spend all day with these kitties, yet still names will leave my brain at the end of the day.
We'll just call her: The escape artist.
She also spent a lot of time dragging me around the store on the leash. And was allllways sitting by the door ready to run out! She didn't like the other cats, but she was great one-on-one.

How can you not love that face?
He's going home with one of the employees tomorrow, yay! I spent a lot of time with him today though, because I'm going to miss him so much. But I know he's going to a great home that will spoil him rotten.
I just wish it could've been me taking him home <3

He is very very very sick with a URI.
I took him back to the SPCA when my shift ended today so that he can get medicated. He looked so awful, could barely open his eyes... and he didn't move very much at all when I was there.
I offered to take him with me so I could work with him with the nebulizer in the foster room. But they told me they were going to keep him overnight to run tests. Then I'll check in tomorrow to see if they want me to take him for a bit. I'll keep you all posted on what happens. :)


  1. Poor little Micrell ~ so glad he has you to watch over him though. All those kitties look oh so sweet!

  2. Get well soon, Micrell. We know how awful it is with those URIs!

    Dexter and that leash -- would have loved to see it.

  3. i LOVE dexter!!! when i "rescued" leon from a neighbor (in my defense, he got out on his own, and i did try to take him back. but i'm not sorry that they lost him. heh.) he was like a bobble head. half starved skinny and intact, so the testosterone filled out his face. but living with my parents for 7 months has turned him into a regular butterball.

    poor miserable micrell! ohmigosh he looks so pitiful, i want to cry! get well little guy! i hope you get to take him in, so we get updates. :D

  4. Awww... poor Micrell! Purrayers goin' up! And that Dexter is a darling... love those first two pics!

    You're getting very handy with that camera, kittykye! :-)


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