Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Kitties from the Holidays

Yoko had a wonderful Christmas this year, I think. Even though we didn't get to be with her on the 'actual' day, when we got home, I know she enjoyed the time she had with us. She even got a stocking full of kitty toys!
I haven't given her catnip in loooong time, and one of the stuffed snowmen that was in the stocking was full of it. So, I think she instantly made it her favourite.
After several minutes of rolling around on it on the floor (and drooling on it :P), she took a nap on the couch where we were all sitting (I put "her" electric blanket on it, since the couch is leather, so she could be cozy), and put her new toy up there with her. This was the result.




After Christmas, as I mentioned before, we went to C453Y's house, and she just adopted a new kitty - and named her Pixel. What a quirky and lovely kitty she is, too! (She fits right in with them!)




  1. Aw, Pixel is so adorable. It's a shame she doesn't sit still enough for you to get a good picture of her. I wrote a huge post about her yesterday.

  2. What a great way to spend a holiday. Visiting cute!


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