Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitties - SPCA Jan 21

Oh, I have such good news.

Because the SPCA is pretty limited to it's available foster-inos at the moment (off season and all, which is great), I contacted our Pet Save committee ( to let them know I have an empty foster room available. So, now I'll be able to volunteer there when needed too. Sounds like they may be contacting me in the near future.

Petsmart was great yesterday... all adults in there. I, again, fell in love with a kitty. He's eleven, and I think one of our other foster mommies is going to adopt him at the end of the month if he doesn't get adopted (though I have high hopes for him cause he's AWESOME).

Hope you enjoy the pics :)


And this is he.
This is Torino.
He is a big man.
And he is the so loving, and wonderful, and enjoyable, and cuddly.
I keep my fingers crossed that he gets adopted.
Otherwise.... he may not continue through another month.

Halliwell still there.
Still a bit skittish.
But she's coming around slowly.

The lovely Mittens.
With the diamond on his nose.
I have no doubts that this kitty will be adopted.
He's just too darn cute.

One of very few that's declawed.
9 years old, and very passive and friendly.
I had someone come in that was interested in her.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that they decide to take her and come back.

Meesha was still there.. surprisingly.
She's just so sweet and awesome.
Again, I have no doubt that she'll be adopted. She's just so cute.

And last, but certainly not least,
I sit down and this cat IMMEDIATELY jumps in my lap and flops down like he owns the place.
I want him.
I think I should adopt him for Blacklilypie. ;)


  1. Adopt him for me? And also keep him at your place and feed him and love him for me too?? I agree with your plan.

  2. Oh, what a bunch of sweeties! Fingers crossed for them all. I have a soft spot for the oldsters myself!

  3. LoL ~ laughing at Tara's responce to your plan! I'm thinking you didn't sell her on it.

    All those kitties are so sweet. I love the look of Cheetah ~ so cuddly! I hope loving people come and adopt them soon.

    Hope you and Yoko have a great weekend!

    xxoo Catherine


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