Friday, January 8, 2010


Wow! What an honour!!
Catherine, over at Corner of Cat's Mind nominated me with the Kreativ Blogger award!

*blush* I can't say I really deserve it, since I've been lacking in my posts as of late, but nonetheless, I'm still very appreciative to be chosen! :) Thank You!

Looks like there's a few steps upon accepting this award, and I'm more than happy to oblige! They are as follows:
1) Thank the person giving the award
2) Copy award to your blog
3) Place a link to their blog
4) Name 7 things people don't know about you
5) Nominate 7 bloggers
6) Place a link to those bloggers
7) Leave a comment on the blog letting them know about the awards

Since Steps 1-3 have already been completed, here's step 4!

1. Even though I'm pushing 30 (well, I don't want to push it TOO much.. still have a couple years to go :P), I'm still a kid at heart. When I'm with my many(many!) nieces and nephews, I always head straight to their toys and make myself at home. When walking through Zellers, or even the grocery store, I have to stop and push buttons on brightly lit, noisy toys in the kids department. I jump in snow banks and wear mittens with kittens on them. When I have my own children in the (near?) future, I will probably end up spoiling them with too many toys, because I know I'll partially be buying them for me too ;) (and, like Catherine, I too, LOVE cartoons!)
2. Along with being a huge kid, I'm also a video game addict (and a computer nerd). Ever since I was a young girl, we had video games in our house. We had pretty much every console system. So, to this day, I still love to play video games (and any games, really - board and card and otherwise).
3. I graduated from Computer Science. But, computers have basically become a hobby of mine, and my current job doesn't really reflect that. I have thought about going back to school to 'refresh' and upgrade my computer skills, maybe even take programming.
4. I play golf. Not well, but I'm getting better each year. I have a very sweet, loving, and patient teacher ;)
5. I like chocolate, but I LOVE vanilla (especially when it comes to ice cream).
6. I name inanimate objects (yep, I'm a strange one). My car is an example of this... "Ben" - It (he) got that name because it's part of the alphanumeric on my licence plate, along with my birthday numbers (out of coincidence!).
7. I'm the youngest of 5 children. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. Two of my sisters are both named "Kim".

And now to nominate a few of my favourite blogs out there. I wonder if I'm allowed to 're-nominate' people who have already been nominated? Heck, doesn't matter, I feel they deserve it, so I'm gonna go for it!


1. Back at ya, Catherine! I know you've already been nominated, and you don't have to go through all these steps again ;) but, I think you deserve it! I love all of your photography, and you're blog is always a super pleasure to read. I find we have a lot in common as far as our interests go (I even had to laugh at the "hates shoes" thing.. oh man, that's SO me! Ask anyone! Socks are the way to go!).. and I have to add that Banjo is one of the cutest cat dudes ever! If anyone hasn't been to her blog, you should definitely check it out!
2. Another incredibly inspiring blogger out there, hands down, is foster-blogger for Challenger's House, Robyn over at Love and Hisses. I've been following her for about a year now, and she never lets me down on putting a smile on my face. I always manage to grow attached to all of her (many!) kitties, just by reading about them. She makes me want to take every one of them home with me through her fantastic pictures, descriptions, and giving attention to each one of their personalities. I often get a tear to my eye when she posts that they're off to Petsmart, or to a new home. This girl works hard for her blog(s), and I know she deserves awards for all the work she does!
3. One of the first blogs I started following forever and a day ago is Laurie at The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. This is a very popular and well-known blog on the blogosphere, but I couldn't not mention it - it's been a favourite of mine, and is still a daily haunt for me. Plus, I mean, c'mon, Charlene Butterbean! :D Yoko actually follows Charlene on Facebook and I follow her on Twitter! Her pictures are awesome, and the work she does is fantastic.
4. One of my best friends, and a very talented and creative blogger, is Tara at Blacklilypie! Tara actually intoduced me to IBKC originally (Thanks!!). I couldn't possibly leave her out of my favourite blog mix. In addition to being real-life friends, she and I have also been blogging together for years and years (outside of Blogger, too). Her blog always beats mine, because with her artistic lifestyle, this girl knows what she's doing! She also owns two very successful Etsy shops (Blacklilypie and Blackforestcake) full of adorable crafties, beautiful artwork, and fun doodads (most of my house is decorated with her art!). And, like Catherine, she also has a gorgeous tabby man-cat! He's a talkative fella, and he's suuuuper cute! Check out her site if you haven't! I dare you to resist her "Batcat" stuffs!
5. Another wonderful foster-blogger out there is Sue at Pitter Pats of Baby Cats! I first linked over to Sue's site through IBKC (that's really the hub of it all, isn't it? :P), and I am never disappointed when I go to visit her site. Another great photographer of kitties, she always captures the sweet moments of each of them. I have fallen in love with a great many of them, too. And of course, all her perma-residents are also SO cute!
6. Okay, I know this one's already been nominated by others as well, but as I mentioned, I just can't possibly leave some out - because I read them every day! The Adventures of Space Paws is a blog that I only learned about a short time ago, but I was immediately hooked when I found them! (I think through Catherine's site...?). It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy when I read about all the work that they're doing to help the animals in need. It takes special people in the world to recognize and establish programs like this one, and they do it extremely well. I actually find the site has a wonderfully 'quirkiness' to it, and it makes me smile and giggle!
7. Already on number 7? But there's so many more! I think I'm going to have to lump a bunch together in one, for much the same reason (though each and every one of them is a favourited by me in some way or another, and they ALL deserve this award!)
Leslie at Kittitas! On most foster-blog sites, you see kittens, kittens, and kittens. It's not too often that a foster family takes in adult cats.. but Leslie (and her hubby, Dieter), open up their home and hearts to these cats, and you can just see how happy those kitties are while they're there. She never skips a beat to capture a funny or sweet picture of one of her cats!
7b) (<--lol.. I know, I know) Then there's Angie at Wee Furries, who is also doing a fantabulous job! Her blog is similar to what I do over at Petsmart - takin' pictures of all the cats waiting to be adopted! Oh, and of course, she posts about her wee doggies (who are also SUPER cute), too!
7c) Ok... Annnnd everyone else that you see on my "Favourite Links" - of course you all deserve huge props!!! (like Amy's House of Cats, The Adventures of Percy the Cat, Beaded Tail, Catonsville Cats, Get Your Cute On, Cute Overload.......and so many more that I jump between all the time! :D) - Thanks to everyone for having such fantastic blogs :):):):):) Yer the best.

Pictures of Yoko to come tomorrow!! (along with finishing step number 7) ;)


  1. You are too cute! 7a, 7b...haha - love it! I know, so many beautiful blogs to mention! I love all those kitty cat blogs as well. Love the Bean! Her eyes are so beautiful!

    Video games - I love them too! I am 50 points away from my 'sparkly' ball in wii bowling! I just can't seem to win it. And the nice part of that game? No ugly stinky bowling shoes to wear!!! ;)!

    That is hilarious that you name objects. Your car Ben - too funny!

    Loved getting to know a little bit more about you and can hardly wait for pictures of Yoko tomorrow! Have a fantastic weekend!

    xxoo Catherine

  2. KittyKye, of course you deserve it... look at your beautiful blog and the great work you do. You can stop blushing now!

    Next, I'm blushing. I'm sooo honored to be named twice in one day. The kittehs and Space Paws folks (I'm just the public face) just try to have fun and get a job done that needs doing... just like you!

    Like you and Catherine, I've met so many wonderful folks on the intertubes, it's almost impossible to name them all. :-)

  3. Even though I know you in real life, I loved reading this entry!! :-)

    Oh, and the nice things you said about me and my blog made me feel squashy. awwww! Thanks so much!

  4. dude, i am so far behind! i've been "moving in" for a month now... the place is still a disaster, and i'm totally behind on all the blogs!

    i LOVE vanilla (oh yes ice cream) too! i love games too, and am totally a big kid. we seem a lot alike. ;)

    :o i get an award?!?! yay!! :D i dunno if i can pass it along though, cause it's basically your same list with maybe a couple additions, lol!


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