Thursday, January 14, 2010

First SPCA Visit in the New Year

Still no word from SPCA. I didn't have time to drop in today, as I somewhat suspected - I guess they didn't need me. So, I will continue to wait by the phone in the meantime.

Petsmart was great today. I brought the new camera... I ♥ my new camera soooo much, and this is why:

(click to make larger, if you so desire)

LOVE him! He's Meesha's brother

Also a doll. Maxwell's sister.

Yep, she's still there. Realized today that she reminds me of Pixel.

One of the two kittens there (5 months old). He's Ninja's brother.

She's still here too. Still a bit anti social, but she's getting there.

Also still there. He's getting MUCH better than before (if you recall, he would hiss and spit and everything and everyone). He even comes down with the other kitties now. Still hisses a bit, but WAY better.

As mentioned.. she's still there too. I'm keeping my fingers extra crossed for her that she gets adopted soon - she's always a sweety pie. ♥

There's always one cat that completely takes my heart, and Ninja was it for me today. I love him... I wish I could take him home. (Maybe I could find a way to sneak him in!) ;)


  1. Maxwell, where have you been all my life? Look how cool and manly he is.

    I have been meaning to ask you how you are finding the camera (its the one I want too!) The pictures look so great.

  2. Tara, you would LOVE Maxwell. He spent ages flopped in my lap purring away. He is awesome. I will adopt him for you, kk? ;)

    Best camera ever. I highly recommend it.

  3. Sasha does appear to have the same sort of markings as Pixel, and the same boxy structure ^-^

    Hide Maxwell! Androo loves grey kitties!

  4. This kitty needs to be adopted by someone. He really is the coolest.

  5. Lovin' the pictures with your new camera! What a bunch of sweet kitties ~ I hope they all find loving homes.

    The snow is almost gone here ~ but I anticipate us getting hit hard again ~ we won't get off that easy! Very usual ~ snow cold warm melt snow cold warm melt... :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. great pictures! isn't it awesome?? that's the same one i got. :D i'll be in this weekend for the first time in over a month, and i can't wait! i'm actually taking the "official" pictures for their online listings now. :D

  7. Terrific pics! Having such a nice toy makes the shooting so enjoyable, no?


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